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  • Brandon

    When I am looking at my teams metrics, I see data for "missed call legs" by agent and am wondering if a customer hangs up before the call is answered by the agent, does that count as missed call leg? Trying to get a better feeling for the number that our agents are missing and I don't want to lean on this metric too heavily if it's also counting calls where the customer hangs up. Thanks!

  • Brandon Tidd
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    Hi Brandon, It's Brandon!

    Great Question.  Here's what we know:

    Missed call legs The number of inbound calls missed by agents. IF ([Call direction]="Inbound" AND [Leg type]="Agent" AND [Leg completion status]="Agent missed") THEN [Leg ID] ENDIF
    Leg completion status Indicates whether an agent declined an incoming call, missed the prompt to accept the call, or accepted the call for an individual call leg.


    Abandoned inbound calls The total number of incoming calls that were abandoned by the end-user. IF ([Call direction]="Inbound" AND ([Call completion status]="Abandoned in IVR" OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned in queue" OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned in voicemail" OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned in on-hold" )) THEN [Call ID] ENDIF
    Call completion status Indicates how the call was completed. Values are Abandoned in IVRAbandoned in queueAbandoned in voicemailAbandoned in on-holdCompleted, and Not answeredCompleted means that the call was successful and the end user was connected with the agent or the call was directed to voicemail or forwarded to an external number.

    Not answered means that the call wasn’t successful. An example of an inbound not answered call is when the end user wasn’t connected with the agent, or the customer left the call in a transition stage that is not included in the abandoned statuses. An example of outbound not answered call is when the end user didn’t answer the agent’s call.

    In the case of a caller hanging up before the agent has a chance to accept the call leg, this call would be, by definition, "Abandoned in Queue."  As such, it would count towards your Abandoned Inbound Call metric.  Since the leg didn't have a chance to complete, it would not have a chance to record a Leg Completion Status, therefore it would fail the condition for Missed Call Legs. 

    The wild card, of course, is the interplay between the two metrics.  Abandoned calls cannot be missed, but missed calls can be abandoned (later in the queue).  To verify, I ran a quick test data set (below).  You'll find that there is little correlation between Abandoned Calls and Missed Call Legs, however there was one case where two calls were missed and subsequently abandoned.  I hope this answers your question!

    Brandon Tidd
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  • Lucinda G.


    We recently enabled the callback feature for our customers and I've noticed the Abandoned in queue and Callback requested counts at end of day are very close to each other (3 off to be exact). Does a customer requesting a callback also record as abandoned in queue?  

  • Sarah Sabater

    Not sure I saw an answer on this question .. but I actually had the same question, how can I recreate the metric displayed in Agent Activity of Talk Dashboard using Explore?

    I'm assuming this is different than call legs - since it's the leg level vs. individual calls. I'm trying to understand why we see agents with missed call legs in the hundreds but show missed call total for a single day as 0. 

  • Katie Meek

    Did anyone ever find a solution for this?  I'm trying to figure out at what point in the IVR are the calls being abandoned?
    We are trying to report on the number of calls that selected each IVR option.  E.g. We had 9 calls to an IVR, 6 customers selected option 1, and 3 selected option 2.

  • Aleksandra


    Hey! We are also trying to analyze our users' activity in the IVR. We would like to analyze the data related to users' interaction with the menu levels, the most commonly pressed keys and the abandonment rate in each menu level. Is that possible with Explore? If not are you planning to implement that in the near future. Also, if it is not possible with Explore, can we get this data by connecting to the Zendesk API? 

    Looking forward to hearing from you (: 

  • Qin Brian

    Can Zendesk show in one chart to explain how the metrics about times in  inbound call and outbound call?

    It's hard to understand difference between leg and call.

    For example, the agents made 10 outbound calling, and we would like to know how much time is used by the agents to do the whole callings.

    We would like to know on outbound

    1) how much time is used by agents to wait for users picking up

    2) how much time is used for the calling

    3) how much time is used for wrap-up.

  • Brandon Tidd
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    The Humblident Award - 2021

    Hey Qin,

    Thanks for writing in!  I think this chart should give you what you need.

    For outbound calls, call answer time gives you the amount of time it took the end-user to pick up.  Call talk time gives you the time they spent talking, and on-hold + consultation gives you the amount of time the end-user was waiting for or speaking to a supervisor.  This should all add up (+/- 2 seconds) to call duration, with call wrap-up time coming after.

    The primary difference between leg and call is that legs are part of calls.  You can have multiple agent leg call times, but only one total call time.  Hope this helps!

    Brandon Tidd


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