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  • Adrian Mitrea

    Hi, Since I couldn't figure out a way to do it, I follow up on my previous question which was answered positively

    In insights it was possible to apply a filter based on tags to an entire query and get for example a heatmap of FRT and corresponding tickets:


    In Explore I cannot figure it out how I can restrict the FRT only to certain tickets based on tags, like it was possible in Insights and was answered it will be possible.

    Can you please help me with this? We have certain tags that we apply manually for example to outliers, so that they are not included in the FRT calculation, for accuracy. Is there a way to be able to have the same result in Explore?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator
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    Hi Adrian

    You should be able to select Ticket Tags as a filter to exclude.  Hope this helps!

    Brandon Tidd
    729 Solutions

  • Adrian Mitrea

    Hello @... and thanks for the answer !

    I guess it was right in front of my eyes, but my mind got biased from Insights that the simple filtering by tags doesn't work. :)

    Good day!

  • Saxon Clay

    How can I utilize attribute sets or groups in conjunction with "INCLUDES_ANY"? 

    For example, I've created an attribute set known as 'Ticket Workers' which includes the assignee tags of our various team names. All of these together should report on every member of every team. 

    I'd like to use this set instead of manually typing out each individual team name, but I can't seem to get INCLUDES_ANY to read an attribute set. For example:

    IF INCLUDES_ANY([Assignee Tags], [Ticket Workers]) THEN [Assignee Name]

    I feel like this would be one of the major benefits of attribute sets but I can't find this kind of function documented anywhere. I feel like there is some way to "pull" values out of a set for comparison purposes, but I couldn't find it. 

  • Adrian Mitrea

    Brandon- I am following up on my previous concern with filtering FRT by tags if you can help please :)

    I created a FRT heatmap, that includes also the number of tickets, which I filtered to exclude certain tags (as per advice).

    When testing for accuracy, I discovered, as highlighted in the capture below, that there are FRT values for 0 tickets:

    When drilling through for that FRT value, I found a ticket with one of the tags which should have been excluded by the filtering. This is the same for all cases where the ticket number is 0 but there is a FRT value in the heatmap: the tag filtering is not applied to FRT.

    Am I missing/doing something wrong or the tags filtering functionality doesn't work for all metrics and FRT is among them?

    Many thanks!

  • Saxon Clay

    @... Tag exclusion filtering doesn't work, this has been a known issue in Explore for at least a year and it doesn't seem like something they'll be fixing anytime soon. 

    I would recommend instead baking a tag exclusion into a custom metric like so:

    IF NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "badtag") THEN MED(First reply time (min)) ENDIF

    I didn't test that myself, but I've used similar metrics to good effect for us when we need to exclude automated nagios uptime tickets and such. 

  • Tejas Patil

    @Adrian M. did you tried using the Metric filter to remove blank values for number of tickets metric?

  • Adrian Mitrea

    @... Many thanks for the great suggestion to include the tag exclusion in a metric. The example formula worked for me, with a little change: VALUE instead of MED before (First reply time (min), since I am applying the aggregator in the query. 

    @... upon your advice, I tried the filter and nothing changed visibly to the heatmap. But the help is appreciated :)


  • James

    We want to categorise our tags into 'primary' and 'secondary'. Primary defining the account query, order query, or delivery query. The secondary to outline the specific nature of the ticket i.e 'deliveryquery' 'delayeddelivery'.

    Is it possible to search tag 'x' and view all other tags auxiliary to this?

  • Thibaut Jahan

    Hi James,
    I created a ticket for your question so we can look into it better.

    Thibaut | Customer Advocate | EMEA

  • Laurène DUPAS


    I would like to make reports in which I exclude all tags containing "autosolve" in them. 

    We have 16 subsidiaries live on Zendesk right now (on one instance), so we have a bunch of autosolve tags. 

    Would it be possible to make a formula this way :

    IF (NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "*autosolve*")) THEN [Ticket ID] ENDIF
    The stars between autosolve would make sure it would take all tags including this word.

    Thank you for your feedback.
  • Saxon Clay


    The metric you noted is close but you want to use '%' as the wildcard character instead of '*'. Something like this should do what you're looking for:

    IF NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "%autosolve%")
    THEN [Ticket ID]
  • Laurène DUPAS

    Thank you @..., I will try it :)

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Can anyone figure out why this custom attribute is not filtering out orgs with any of these tags?

    IF (NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket organization tags] ,"yes-hosted","yes","yes-saas")) THEN [Ticket organization name] ENDIF

    If I create a report I am still seeing orgs with one of these tags on the org record.

    Below are the attributed used and restrictions

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Bumping to see if anyone can offer some advice on this one



  • Saxon Clay

    @... it's possible it's a syntax issue, I can't tell if the example you provided is actually missing spaces between the tags or if that's just how it pasted. 

    I created a test attribute on my instance though and this structure worked for me to exclude orgs that included the noted tags:

    IF (NOT INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket organization tags], "tag1", "tag2")) THEN
    [Ticket organization name]

    Double-check that you have spaces between the tags in the INCLUDES_ANY() function, and that the tags are identical to how they appear on the org itself. 

  • Bill Cicchetti

    @...  It was the spaces (or lack there of)...Thanks!

  • Taline Moroyan


    I noticed when creating custom metric as suggested in the article the values that appear within the column are 0 and 1. Is there a way I can filter the metric to only show 1 as those are the rows I want to bring up only. 

    Also, I am trying to recreate the below query from Insights. Do the queries mentioned in the article replace the need to create a query like this one that is pulling only tickets with certain tags? If not, how do you recreate this using the Explorer language? 

    SELECT IFNULL((SELECT # Tickets WHERE (SELECT Ticket Filter Part 1_KBM_Assigned Tag BY Ticket Id)=1 AND (Select Ticket Filter_KBM_KB Monthly Tag BY Ticket Id)=1 AND (Select Ticket Filter_KBM_Completed Tag BY Ticket Id)=1 AND (Select Ticket Filter_KBM_Published Tag BY Ticket Id)=0), 0)


  • Qin Brian


    I would like to do as below

    Find all tickets with tags of A and B, but without C to Z. In normal cases, there are many tickets containing tags of A and B and C and D. But I would sort out the tickets with only A and B.

    Can Zendesk help me? 

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Qin,

    You can set up your metric using a formula similar to this sample:

    IF (INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "tag_A","tag_B"))
    AND NOT INCLUDES_ALL([Ticket tags], "tag_C","tag_D")
    THEN [Ticket ID]

    This will count tickets that have either or both tags A and B, and does not have the tags C or D. If you have more tags that you need to exclude, then you'll need to list each of them under the NOT INCLUDES_ALL condition.

    Hope this helps. Thanks Qin!

  • Sara Ledger

    Do we know when there will be an ETA for the Exclude tab for filters will be working correctly so we do not have to create new metrics and attributes as a work around?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Sara,

    There's no ETA for further improvements on tag filtering at this time. For more information see the comments from Eugene Orman and Nicole Saunders in the comments section of this thread, and upvote & follow so you're updated if things change: Exclude ticket tags

  • Matt 🕵️


    We were doing our first round of monthly stats since merging over to Explore for fully storing our stats. We noticed that a tag that was assigned to a fan's Twitter DM was counted 3 times because the fan messaged us on 3 different instances (this is fairly common with the nature of our business).  Is there a way to filter the counts both when searching for the tags: on Zendesk and in Explore, so we can only count each single use of the tag rather than the cases of the tag being counted multiple times when its carried over on a new ticket?

    Thanks a ton in advance!



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