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  • Ihor Tomilenko

    End users searching for content on a specific subject can click a content tag to open a search page with links to a collection of help center content that shares the same tag.

    How does one expose the content tags to the end users? I could not locate the relevant code in any theme. I also could not locate a corresponding helper to customize the theme and give the end users ability to see and click on the content tags.

    There is a helper that is also related to the functionality of related articles, related_articles. However, this helper is not the same as the content tags. I would expect to see something like Label object when it comes to content tags. Any ideas? 

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ihor Tomilenko,

    Please check "Add content tags to articles and posts" section of Help center templating cookbook.

    It might be a bit confusing but `related_articles` helper is not related to content tags. 


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