Creating API connections for the bot builder

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  • Mike Sadler

    Hi James,

    Is there a way to edit/crud the Flow Builder API Connections via Zendesk API?

    Or some endpoint to make GET/POST calls to:

    Use case:

    Lets say we have an API we want to add to the flow, and that API forces access tokens expire after 6 hrs. 

    Without an API for updating the Zendesk Connection, we'd need to manually regenerate that token every 6 hours and update it in the GUI.

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Mike!

    There isn't a native way to automatically refresh a token but base on this community post (Refresh expired bearer token automatically) Exalate is a tool your team could leverage. 
  • Younes Elhamss

    Hi, I'm trying to post a ticket in my company's zendesk from postman, and therefore I'm trying to fill out the authorization in postman, but I don't know exactly what to fill in in these fields:


    In Zendesk I have tried to create and OAuth client in two ways (what's the difference?):

    I have created this one where I didn't know what to fill out in the two red fields:


    And I made this one:

    So how do I create a client the right way and how do I get the url's I need to create the client, and then what should I fill in where in postman?

    I hope you will come back to me soon,

  • Younes Elhamss

    *create an OAuth

    Btw I also created an API token:
    And I read your documentation which didn't help me, which is why I'm here.

  • Tony
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi there!
    If you are wondering how to use PostMan with Zendesk, this article should be helpful for you.
  • Håvard Skare


    Is it possible to create an api connection to zendesk, so that customers can check information about their ongoing case with zendesk?

  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Håvard,
    We have a native feature that can achieve that use case. You may refer to this article: Submitting and tracking requests in the help center Customer Portal

    But to answer your question, yes, you can create an API connection to Zendesk for your customers and utilize the Tickets API. This can be via a custom integration or via a third-party app and it would require a developer.
    Paolo | Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk

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