Using variables to personalize bot answers

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  • Marcin Rogalski

    Hi. This looks like a good starting point to get our bot to work for transferring to agents when online but leaving a message when they're not. Though I don't see any options for variables. We only see School Name and Email. No external and no data condition variables. We want to be able to add business hours or whether the account or a group is online. 

    Where is this added? Thanks Martin

  • Marcin Rogalski

    How do you actually add the variables? Seems like there would be some predefined ones based on values in your account. Like online status or ticket status, etc.


  • Florian Wallny

    Hi, is it possible to store an array received from an external endpoint as variable? Can i make the bot output an array of strings as multiple messages?

  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Marcin,

    To be able to see variables, these variables must be asked to the customer in the ask for details steps or via other steps like the API call, to get external data or Messaging metadata variables, when using JWT. 

    The ask for details step, only supports dropdown and text fields.

    You can specify directly in the flow the business hours with the step called Business hours

    Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to show or use as a variable what group is online. 

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  • James Molina

    How would one use user field values as variable options?

  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Envoy,
    There isn't any specific instructions on how to use a user field as a variable at the moment. But you can testing by using External service variables which allows the use of REST API to pull data (Make API call), in your case User field API.
  • Anna Clara Leal


    I'm wondering if I can use variables to personalize my WhatsApp Bot. I already built the flow with the needed variables so I can customize the answers. 

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Anna,

    I have checked on my test account using my WhatsApp Bot. Unfortunately, variables don't work at this moment. Apologies for that - it looks like product limitations. 
    The possible solution is to upgrade your bot with Sunshine Conversations. Please read more about - Adding Sunshine Conversations channels to the Zendesk Agent Workspace.

  • Fernando Rocha

    If anyone is wondering how to create/add variables, you must make a request to the API first (at the bot builder there's a button to test the request) and only when you get the response you can "save" the response fields as variables.

    Beg your pardon, mine is in portuguese but the UI stands the same.

    then hit "save" on the API field you want to save


    And this is working on WhatsApp

  • Theodore Cooke

    With our current chat bot, we have a script that runs on the web installation that injects variables into the conversation so the bot is aware of the user's geolocation, device type, and a few other things. Is it possible to do likewise with these bots? Can we have our frontend pass in variables to the bot?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Theodore,
    Please check Saving variables from the API response.

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