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  • Karen D Snyder
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    Yes, this limit should be configurable. There is room for more than 12 views. An agent came to me last week asking why he couldn't see a newly created shared view, and it was because of this limit. He had to coordinate with other agents in the groups that he belonged to in order to decide which views to deactivate so that he would be able to see the new view.

  • olivier
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    Agree, the 12 views limit does not make sense.

    Could be worked around using nesting views that could be expanded:

    "Sales" could have 5 sub views, that could be showed or hidden in one click for example

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Thank you for your feedback. While we do not have any new information to share at the moment, the product managers are following this conversation and taking your comments into account.


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