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    Tiffany Green
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    Jordan - would the feature introduced with the paid tier give you the functionality you're looking for? It allows you to set a default based on a group, as well as narrowing the allowed emails per group.

  • Jordan Prangnell
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    We have multiple support addresses (over 100) - what we would find useful is that the app will automatically select the email address we are going to send our support request from based on the group / assignee on the ticket. 

    We're aware this does it automatically for inbound tickets and you can filter down the support email address through JSON and relevant groups that user is in but for us the agent still has multiple addresses to select from each time. 

    Our particular issue is with raising Zendesk tickets proactively to the customer. 


  • Fabian Sanchis
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    Hi Team,

    We just upgraded our Select an Address app (Basic Plan now) and there are a couple of things that might be a deal breaker. Perhaps there is already a solution for it but I could not find it.

    We have several support views and different teams, so we all have now only our email, which is great but also:  

    1) Every time an Agent Opens the ticket, it updates it "This email will be sent from", updating the ticket and therefore changing the update time. This confuses things unfortunately as then the tickets are not in the right order. 

    2) Now when we create an internal ticket for another team and press "New", the ticket defaults back to the queue of the agent and it does not go to the correct place. 

    The workaround is to create the ticket as Open, but this didn't happen before and now it does.

    Is there any feedback you can provide me with? Issue 2 I know is due to the mailing filters we have but I don't seem to be able to find the correct trigger. 

    Thank you for your help with this.


  • Chris Fellows
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    Hi Fabian Sanchis,

    Thanks for posting your question here.   On item number 1, are these tickets being created from the Help Center?  I am going to create a support ticket on your behalf so that we can look into this in more detail.



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