Explore is really slow when handling larger quanteties of data


  • Dan Chikanov

    You might need to consider working away from Explore as this has been the issue for the last 2 years (either pipe it into databricks, tableau, etc). Sadly there hasn't been any improvement. 

  • Zac Renault
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Hannes‍,

    Could you please create a ticket for our support and provide the URL of a query for which you have this issue and we'll be happy to investigate this issue. We're looking forward to hear back from you.


  • CJ Johnson

    I hit this constantly as well. Sometimes, refreshing the tab is all it takes, especially if you've narrowed the data way way down and it's still timing out. 
    The other workaround I can recommend, is building a "fake" query first with a very small range, (filtered to a single agent, single day, single ticket form, some combination of factors like that) so that you can set up the metric filter to exclude "blank" data points, and depending on the report, set the data minimum to 1. Then, when you build out your actual report, you don't have to wait for it (hopefully, if you can even get it to) load with a ton of blanks and 0s that you wanted filtered out anyways. 

  • Teki

    @... That answer is not particularly helpful.  What might help here is for Zendesk to publish an article on tips and tricks on how to make dashboards and query render faster.  (i.e. trimming scope of queries, taking a look at size of dataset loading into the dashboard.....). 

    There has to be a better way than this.  


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