Billing admin / Owner as light agent


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Thanks NIkki!
  • Tom Dupuche
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks Nikki, I'll add this one to our backlog for consideration.


    Tom Dupuche

    Product Manager



  • Andrew Craft

    Agree this seems a bit short-sighted, basically either your encouraging me to share my credentials to be able to administer the system or i have pay for a license that i won't use? For a large org I'm sure the extra license is no problem, but for a small business getting started on zendesk it makes zendesk expensive.

  • Gary

    A few things on this for me:

    The Admin role really needs splitting as most companies have IT Support departments that are responsible for granting user access and general managing of permissions. We don't want them to have access to business rules, tickets or customer information by default. Yes, I know they could create a user to do all of those things, but it shouldn't be the default position of an admin.

    Charging full agent price for users that don't use any Zendesk functionality is ridiculous. I want my IT Support team to do the above user admin but it would cost us £360 a month just to do that.

    Having a single owner is also very bad practice. It leads to either shared credentials or having a single point of failure.

  • Nick Jones

    Our billing contact sits in the accounts department, so anything that allows them just to focus on that billing role would be ideal.


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