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  • HDM Contact

    Follow this manual or just use a simple service Help Desk Migration to migrate your knowledge base to Zendesk https://help-desk-migration.com/zendesk

  • Nick Severson

    Hi folks - the link to "import users" is broken on this page, looks like this: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/(https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/core/users#create-user


  • Rob Stack

    Hi Nick, thanks very much for pointing this link out! I've now fixed the problem, and the link is working now.

  • Mercedes Peters

    You mention above that authors need to be agents.  Can they be Light Agents or do they need to be Full Agents?  I am asking because I will be migrating content from an existing knowledge management platform into Zendesk and some of the articles are written by people who no longer work at the company...what do you recommend in such a scenario?

  • Joe Beaudoin

    Hello Mercedes,

    Thanks for your question!

     When you're passing an article into Zendesk through the API, the system doesn't care so much who the original author is, so long as an authorized user is referenced as the author.

    So regardless of who wrote the article in your former platform, so long as you give Zendesk a value for the author when you create the article, and said author has an agent equivalent role within Zendesk with the appropriate Guide permissions, your article creation will go over just fine.

    Regarding whether a light agent can do this, it depends on the level of your subscription and the permissions granted to agent roles for your account:

    That comes from our document on Understanding Guide Roles and Setting Permissions.

    Hopefully this clears things up!

  • Mercedes Peters

    Hi Skip, 

    Any guidance on migrating existing content from Discourse?  My company's current user articles are located within that platform and it seems quite intensive to be able to migrate to Zendesk.

    Any tips? Or posts you can point me to?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Mercedes,

    I reached out internally and it doesn't look like we have much information to provide with regards to migrating data over from Discourse to Zendesk. Your developers will want to use the Discourse API to export that data from Discourse and use the Zendesk API to import that data into Guide.

    I hope the above information helps!


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