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  • Rebecca McMurry

    I want to know search behavior for the Knowledge Base.I select Search, Brand, Help Center, and date. I get data such as # of total searches, # with no result, # with no clicks, and # tickets created. I want to know the specific keywords or strings associated with the search. I see in the documentation those appear. They do no appear on my screen. How can I see this data?

  • Joel Munson


    We switched over from a little while ago. Basically the only analytics they reported were how many tickets were solved by each agent by channel and when. And that is all the info I really cared about.

    Now that I'm with Zendesk, that is pretty much the only stat you DON"T include. Is there a way to custom set it up? I can't figure out a way. Can someone help please?

    Thank you!

  • Eugene Orman


    You can create such report easily in Insights. For example you could use following set-up:

    • What - # Tickets Solved;
    • How - Ticket Via, Ticket Assignee  + Date (Event) or Month/Year (Event);
    • Filter Month/Year (Event) is a floating range.

    Take a look on this short Demo.  Fore more information regarding Insights functionality please refer to our documentation: Insights resources.

  • Mary Paez

    It would help to know what search terms are being used often in the Help Center as native metrics in Zendesk (not going to Google Analytics).  I am noticing a pattern of less-than-helpful metrics in the ZD reports.

  • Jasmine Wilkinson

    Hi there. I need to break down ticket stats



    per Brand like I can in the Knowledge base tab. (see below). Is there a way I can do that? So I'd like to know volume of new tickets for each brand.

    In general, it would be incredibly useful to be able to break down all the Overview metrics by Brand - otherwise we can't can't compare apples with apples. Why is this only possible for the knowledge base?




  • Jacob Mattison

    Thanks for the response, Eugene. We're on the Professional plan, but our agents need to see all tickets, so this isn't going to work for us. But I appreciate it.

  • Tiann Nelson-Luck

    Hi Jennifer,

    Those are in direct relation to your industry, audience, and company size that you selected in the Benchmark Survey under Admin > Settings > Benchmark Survey. Based on the your selections, it gives reflects those options in the drop-down to compare your account to similarly-sized companies. 

    Currently, after filling out the survey, those are the only options available in that section of the Reporting Overview! 

    Thank you for commenting and reaching out! Let us know if you have any further questions! 

  • Mike

    Can someone provide a more granular definition of "Touches" as displayed on these reports?

    Does it include all updates to a ticket? Or only updates w/ comments?

    If I just flip the status between open and pending 5 times in succession, without making any other changes to the ticket, does that register as 5 touches?

  • Justin Smith

    Hey Tommy!

    Unfortunately it's not possible to modify these reports in a way that will show you only the results related to one individual Organization.  These are just meant to give you a broad breakdown of your account activity.  For the sort of functionality you're wanting, you'll need to use the Insights reporting platform that's available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels.

    I hope that helps clear things up!

  • Munir


    Need help sending a daily ticket reports to End User, GoodData will accept Light Agent and Agent email but not accepting End User email address. Please help by providing instructions.

    Thank You

  • Travis Rider

    Hello there!


    To report on ticket types and ticket tags you will need to build a custom report using Insights, kindly see the following article for more detail:

    @Felicity Page

    The calculation for "Agent Touches" is the sum of all ticket updates made by agents for the specified period of time.

    I hope that helps!

  • Pedro Reis


    How do i share leaderboard information with non admin agents ?

    Account : Zendesk plus



  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Julija!

    I do want to clarify, do you have Chat enabled in your Web Widget? If your Web Widget allows your user to submit a request, search your Help Center, OR have a live chat with one of your Agents, then Chat is enabled there. Even if the Chat is initiated through the Web Widget, it will be counted as coming in via the Chat channel. Hopefully that clears it up for you!

    Web Form refers to any ticket that is created either via the Submit A Request form in your Help Center, or by an Agent in the Agent Interface. We have a complete list of channel definitions here that gives additional information as well!

  • John Tolle

    Annoyingly, GoodData can only send reports as e-mail to registered real users of Zendesk (and end users don't count.)  Luckily, you can send Dashboards via e-mail (only as attached PDFs, unfortunately) using Zendesk Insights to any e-mail address.

    1. Create a new Dashboard in GoodData (click on the gear icon and click Add Dashboard - yes, this seems more hidden than it should be) and add only the report you're interested in sending
    2. Go back to Zendesk Insights and select the Dashboard you just created
    3. Click on the little clock icon to schedule the sending of the Dashboard as an e-mail and go crazy adding any e-mail addresses you want
    4. You cannot edit the schedule or change e-mail addresses, but you can delete a schedule by going to GoodData -> Manage -> E-mailing Dashboards
    5. I recommend creating distribution lists in your e-mail system and sending to those so you don't have to delete and recreate the schedule every time you need to make a change
  • Ge Ja

    Hi All! How can I calculate the response rate by priority which is based on the ticket and not per instance? 

    So far I have tried counting tickets created where First reply time in mins is less than 120. I need to add a condition where Priority is Urgent but the editor doesn't accept it. 

    select # tickets created where first reply time in minutes >= 240 and first reply time in minutes < 480 and priority = "urgent"

    If I am able to get this count, I can divide this to the total tickets created to get the response rate for urgent.

  • Heather R


    I believe this article will point you in the right direction but if it's not what you're looking for, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit a request!


  • Graeme Carmichael

    Ge Ja

    This is a common issue when creating custom metrics. You cannot just type the names and values of elements such as 'priority' and 'urgent'. Here is an extract from the GoodData documentation.

    • While MAQL syntax can typically be typed directly into the Metric Editor text field, project elements like facts, metrics, attributes, attribute values, and variables must be added to metric definitions using the Project Element Sidebar.

    You can find more details here.

  • Huong-Ly Dang

    Hi, how can we get report number longer than 90 days ? We are tracking performance per fiscal year so would be great to have the period of the report extend to 365 days at least....

  • Egghart, Georg


    I need the Benchmark Report with a longer time frame, 90 days is to short. How can i find/create this report with Insights ? 

    Thanks for your help!

  • Billy Hepper

    Hi Eugene,

    We are actually experiencing the same issue that Rebecca reported in Jan 2017.  I can see the number of 'Search With No Results Found' but I can no longer see the search term strings.  This is a recent occurrence as we always used to be able to see this data.

    Could you please open a ticket to investigate further?  

    Thanks for your help.


  • Michele Bolona

    Can you see which times are most popular to receive tickets based on metrics?

  • Ian Hill

    So, four years ago folks asked for the ability to filter reporting based on Group and/or Organization and as far as I can see this still hasn't been implemented?

    Or am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Mark Walsh

    Is there a way to export the daily details into a spreadsheet?

  • Macarius Anna

    Hey Jennifer,

    Really a helpful article.

    But I wanted to know that Is there is any APIs to get tickets by channels(for pie chart data) if yes than could you provide me that link.



  • Elmer Villanueva

    Can I see in reporting tool issues by category and by customer? Like in a pareto?Thanks!

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Ian!

    If you're on the Professional or Enterprise plan and are using Insights for your reporting, you have this capability which you can read about here: Insights object reference (Professional and Enterprise).

    If you're using the Native Reporting in Zendesk, you can filter your Leaderboard by Agent or Group, and you can create new reports using Groups or Organizations as a condition. 

    Let me know if you have more questions!

  • Herbert Caragayn



    I tried to upload the excel file several times, but always show that error message my format is correct.

    This is the first time I encountered this problem.




  • Eugene Orman

    Hi Eldien, 

    Unfortunately, such functionality is not available at the moment.

    Instead you could use one of the 3rd party apps, which were designed for this purpose, for example: Geckoboard. Alternatively, take a look into browser Auto - refreshing extensions, here are few apps from Google Chrome store:

  • Anna

    Hi Erin! 

    Unfortunately our Native reporting overview would not allow you to report on just data for tickets Monday through Friday.  However, if you were to leverage Insights and Business Hours, you could achieve this workflow.  Feel free to send us an email at if you'd like to discuss this in more detail.  

  • Macarius Anna

    Thanks Jessie for your reply,

    I think second option is a better answer for my query. But on this way I need to calculate tickets percentage with respect of channels. By the way I already found this API but I was expecting that we have APIs on report section, So I can use it on my own way.

    Thanks again. :)


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