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    Nathan McClintock

    The Token Access slider is set to 'enabled'. I cannot for the life of me find the 'Add new token' button/URL. I am an administrator. Help! 


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    Jacob J Christensen

    Understandable, it is a very discreet looking plus sign below the slider(s).

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    Gal Zohar


    Is the following statement correct: "An API token is connected to the user who created it. If that user is deleted, or demoted from an admin role, any external platform using this token will not have access anymore". 

    If this is correct, is there a way for an admin to create a token which is connected to another admin user (e.g. an integrations user who will never leave the company or get another role)?

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    Gail Leinweber

    Hi Gal,

    Yes, the token would still be valid if it was taken from a deleted user, so it should be possible to use it with another admin user.


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