Automating SMS support with Text triggers (Talk Basic and Advanced) Follow

Just like with tickets from other Zendesk channels, you can set up triggers to manage your Text tickets. In addition to the actions and conditions available for all tickets, there are a few Text-specific options you can use. For step-by-step instructions and ideas, see Sending outbound texts: Recipes and tips.

  • The Ticket: Channel condition with value SMS
  • Two actions that send Text notifications:
    • Notifications: SMS group. Select a group to send a Text notification to from the drop-down list of groups in your account.

    • Notifications: SMS user. Select (current user), (requester), (assignee), or a specific user from the drop-down menu.

      • In the From field, select the SMS number to send the message from.

      • Enter the SMS message to send in the Body field.

Keep in mind the following when using triggers to send Text messages:

  • Keep the body text short, or it might be broken into multiple messages. Remember that placeholders will be expanded.
  • You'll be limited to approximately 250 notifications a day before a carrier's spam detectors might blacklist your number, so avoid using these for mass outbound notifications.
  • The end-user's phone number should be set as their direct line (see Identifying the caller and handling new user accounts). If this isn't set, a new user will be created when the end-user replies.
  • We will capture replies to these notifications as tickets for processing by agents.

For general information about setting up triggers, see the following articles:

Understanding responses to notifications

Responses to notifications are placed into a Text ticket, like other inbound Text messages. If the end-user's number doesn't currently have an open ticket, a new ticket is created. If the end-user's number does already have an open ticket, the response is added to that existing ticket.

When the last message sent to a customer in a ticket is a Text notification, the notification appears in the ticket as a private comment. This way, agents addressing the ticket can get the appropriate context from the Text conversation.

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    Is there any plan to make this functionality available as an action in Automations? I have rigged a work-around for now applying a tag when a time based scenario happens and then setting a Trigger to send the text message when the ticket gets updated and has that new tag but it would sure be nice to roll it all into one rule instead of stringing two together.

    Also, just a semantics thing but "SMS" seems to have been updated in Zendesk to "Text". For example, instead of "Notifications: SMS User" the action setting is now labeled as "Notifications: Text User". Some updates to this article and screenshots would be great :)

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