Explore recipe: Declined and missed calls by ticket ID and agent leg

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  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Bobby, 

    Thanks for reaching out! I've addressed each of your questions below: 

    Can you let me know if we should be using count or d count? 

    COUNT returns the number of values while D_COUNT will return the number of unique values. You could use either aggregators in this case as the Leg ID will always be a unique value so both should return the same number.

    What is the difference between COUNT and D_COUNT?

    Does a blank ticket id or blank leg agent name indicate a call that did not generate a ticket? 

    A blank ticket ID could mean that the call did not create a ticket or the ticket has since been deleted.

    A blank leg agent name usually indicates that the leg ID of the same line was associated with the customer, and not an agent. You can exclude these blank values by filtering the leg agent name attribute to exclude NULL.

    Also, is there a way to display if the call missed was due to system issues? 

    Unfortunately, there is not a native attribute that will indicate why an agent missed a call.


    Hope this helps!

  • Jordan Connell

    How do I bring the caller's number into the report? Requester, 'From' (how it is described in my usage summary) etc, don't seem to be available metrics within explore.

    So I have my report, which shows me calls, with Call IDs, filtering for abandoned only in the last 24 hours, and sorting from longest to shortest wait time. I know want to identify the caller, so that our team can call them back. It seems to me that the only way to reconcile data in the report with data from other tables is by downloading the usage report from the history tab and querying each number on there. This surely isn't the only way to do it?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jordan,

    You can bring the caller's number on the report by using Call end-user > End user name. You can also check Explore recipe: List of incoming phone numbers by date as a reference.

    All the best


  • Laura Porter

    Thanks for the really helpful guide.  However - when I run this report, I am missing data from the Ticket ID and Leg agent names columns, and in the Leg completed status column I am seeing 'Completed' values only. Can you advise what's gone wrong here? Thanks 

  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Laura,

    I ran the query in my test account without adding any filters and I can see how at first it may look like the values for ticket ID and leg agent name would be blank:

    It's possible that the first legs that you are seeing are associated with end-users that didn't generate a ticket or if the tickets generated by these calls are already archived. If you'd like to exclude these from your report, you can add a filter to the Ticket ID and go to Excluded, then select NULL:

    You can also do the same for Leg completion status attribute. There's a big chance that there are other values here other than 'Completed', but they could be a bit more difficult to find due to the number of all the Completed legs. You can filter the Leg completion status to only include values other than Completed to se them in the report.

    This is completely optional, but one way to check this would be to add another attribute under row named Call ID

    And you can then find more details using these IDs by following the steps in this article - Viewing your Zendesk Talk usage and credit history


  • Maribel Leon

    Is there any way to filter and just pull from the last 30 days?


  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Maribel,

    As this recipe already uses the Time - Leg started > Leg - Timestamp attribute added in the Rows section of the report, you can click on this attribute in the report > click on the Edit date ranges button > then choose a Date range either from the Simple tab or from the Advanced tab for your preferred.

    More information can be found in the article Editing dates and date ranges. Hope this helps!

  • Alleanna Thomson

    Is there a way to tell how long it rang to the agent that missed the call? 

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Alleanna Thomson welcome to our Community :) 

    By default, a call is offered to an agent for 30seconds, if they miss it within 30 seconds, the call is placed back on queue and will be offered to the next available agent. 

    If you are on Enterprise plan, you can choose the amount of time that each agent gets to answer a call before it is placed back in the queue. More info here: Managing Talk line settings

    Hope this helps!


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