Zendesk Talk and Zendesk Text number regulatory requirements

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  • Tony Lee


    Will Talk be available in Myanmar any time soon? Thanks.

  • Edwin Schukking


    We are interested in setting up a toll-free number for Germany (we have an office in Germany) and I was reading:

    German Toll-Free numbers are allocated directly by the National Regulator (BNetzA) to individuals and businesses upon application. You will need to apply for A Toll-Free number from BNetzA and once received we can activate it for you. The procedure for the application and activation of a Toll-Free number can be found here. Please do note that you will need an address in Germany to apply for a Toll-Free Number.

    Unfortunately, the 'here' link was not accessible. 

  • Mark Summerville


    I was wondering what the process is to port numbers from ZenDesk Talk?


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Mark, 
    There is a process for porting numbers out of Zendesk Talk -- see Porting a number out of Zendesk Talk for more information.
  • Camden Wiest


    So a couple questions I need clarification on - if my company (small law firm) uses a cell phone number primarily as their support line, can you port that? I wasn't sure if it fell under "local" numbers under the porting requirements.

    2nd, could you port two different numbers - one for weekday availability and one for weekend availability?

    And somewhat unrelated to porting, but if a person is chatting on the website, could they theoretically respond via text to the chat?

  • Beto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Camden, thank you for your question!

    Your first question: Yes you can port a cell phone number, you would just need to also share your account details and PIN number when making the port request, as described on this article: Porting Numbers for Zendesk Talk.

    Your second question: You can definitely have more than one phone line, and you can also differentiate between them by using a schedule. For more information on this you can consult this article: Routing Calls based on Business Hours

    Your third question: For the moment Zendesk only allows to respond to tickets via SMS, but not to create tickets or change channels on the same ticket, as you can see on this article: Getting Started with Text for Voice. This means you can only communicate with your customers via SMS if they create a ticket via SMS first.

    I hope this was helpful!


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