Adding Sunshine user profiles and events to customer context in a ticket

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  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator


    Does the  "article_viewed" event type work for all helpcenters? Or only if the end-user is signed in? Does it work for anomyous end users? 

    Also for the "article_viewed" event type, I see the article ID, but not the title as mentioned in this article. So it's not easy to see wich article an end-user viewed. 

    What the article describes: 

    article_viewed The title of a Help Center article that the user viewed.

    What I see in my Zendesk (It's a restricted helpcenters)

  • Tim McLean
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey @...!

    Thanks for the questions. We're working on including the article title and URL in Help Center events right now and are aiming to have that available around the end of march.

    The Interactions panel currently only shows activity that has occurred while the user has been logged in. All logged out traffic isn't included.



  • Jon Simone

    We are very interested in using events to activate triggers. Is there a way to do this yet or is this on the roadmap? Are we able to report on events?

    The use case for having events activate triggers is that we can do some type of proactive communication or solution when something goes wrong so the customer doesn't have to reach out. 

    At Zendesk relate 2018 (when Sunshine was announced) an example was presented (here: where a frictionless experience was presented by the Helios company. In short, a customer of theirs rented a bike which ran out of battery. Their internal software was able to detect this, locate a nearby available bike, and determine whether or not the customer qualified for a discount. 

    It seems to be that we could do something close to this by using triggers that can recognize certain events. 

    For example, if our internal system knows that a customer's battery is low and then sends this information as an event to the user profile we could use a trigger to automatically send a discount if the customer was a VIP member (or other qualifying criteria). 

    Am I close or is there a better way?



  • Tim McLean
    Zendesk Product Manager
    Hey Jon,
    Thanks for reaching out! I'm Tim, the product manager for Events.
    The ability to initiate workflow actions from an event (such as raising a proactive ticket) is definitely on the short term roadmap. 
    We'd love to hear more about the types of actions you'd like to initiate and also understand what kind of reporting you'd like to do on top of events.
    Would you be interested in a short 30 min zoom to help inform our roadmap? 
    Thank you,
  • Jon Simone

    Tim McLean That is great news! I would love to participate. You can reach me at

  • Jon Simone

    Tim McLean as one example we may want to send an event to a customer's profile that they received a shipment from us. We would then like to create a trigger off that event to check in regarding that shipment after a certain amount of time to see if they need help. 

    Our database may also identify that something is wrong and send an event to the user profile and it would be nice to create a proactive ticket using triggers to reach out / create a ticket to let a customer know that we are on it!


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