Overview of the Zendesk Support dashboard

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  • Vovwe Muoghereh

    Thanks for the explanation Heather.

  • Michael Brown

    Hi there, 

    There are no dashboards at all in my 'explore' section. How can I get access to this?



  • Dave Dyson

    Hi MIchael,

    What's your Zendesk subdomain?

  • Brandon D.

    When viewing the Efficiency tab (or others) in the default Support Dashboard, are the data points representing total calendar hours or business hours based on a schedule?

    I do have a schedule established, but didn't know if I needed to edit the default queries such as "First Reply Time Median" to ensure it's reflecting my business hours specifically. 

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Brandon,
    The queries under the Efficiency tab of the prebuilt dashboard uses the calendar hour metrics. Yes, you can edit the default queries if you need to use the business hour metrics, but the updates wouldn't reflect on the default dashboard. You can clone the prebuilt Support dashboard and use that moving forward if you need to make modifications, or create a dashboard from scratch. 
  • Moe Elb

    Hello Team, 

    Can I pick default ticket groups for a clone of the support dashboard?


  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Mohamed,
    This would be via Bookmarks, when you add a bookmark interactive widget, it freezes the current state of filters. Viewers can switch to different bookmarks to see different filter states.
    For reference, please see this article here: Using bookmarks to save filtered dashboard states that talks over adding Bookmarks and just how you can set them up. I hope this helps. Thank you!

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