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  • Ben Singer

    Hi team,

    Is it possible to find all assignees for a ticket?



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Ben,

    You should be able to report on this using the Ticket Updates dataset along with the Update Ticket Assignee attribute. This recipe may help: Explore recipe: Total number of assignments

  • Kuka

    Hi team,

    So our team need the data from the tickets, specifically the first assignee of the tickets to make it easier to see an overview of ticket processing .

    Our team using Chatbot named Ivy and if using this query, it would trigger all ticket from live chat with Ivy as first assignee. could we exclude Ivy and utilize the second agent as first assignee?

    is there any logic that we can utilized to recognize our second assignee agent to sort out the ticket? some kind of logic that work like this:

    • IF first assignee = Ivy, then take the second, or
    • IF channel = livechat, THEN take the second assignee name

    Could we utilize that logic?



  • Marco
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Kautsar, 
    Thanks for reaching out regarding this. 
    I am not able to test this out as I would not have the same chatbot integration as you, and it looks like you are using a 3rd party bot that actually falls as an assignee. But I have some ideas on this. 
    First, we may need to actually separate the reporting on live chat tickets from the rest of the tickets. You can do that by filtering the report by ticket channel. Then when creating the report for tickets created from live chat, have you tried editing the formula so that instead of the assignee id being changed from NULL, it is changed from Ivy? Something like this: 
    IF ([Changes - Field name]="assignee_id" AND [Changes - Previous value]="Ivy Assignee ID" 
    AND [Changes - New value]!="0" AND [Changes - New value]!=NULL)
    THEN [Update ticket assignee]
    Of course, you would change the "Ivy Assignee ID" to the actual assignee ID. Check here for more information: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408823393306-How-can-I-locate-an-agent-ID-in-Support-
    It may be possible to have this all in a single query, and having a custom attribute using the logic that you provided, but that extent of custom coding would be out of our scope. 
    Hope this helps! Cheers! 
  • Crawford Philleo

    Hello - 

    I followed the steps here, but I'm not getting 100% the results I'm looking for in in my query results.

    I built a custom metric to show me the the number of tickets that are moved from a specific group into another group like this:

    IF([Changes - Field name]="group_id"
    AND [Changes - New value]="33422348" /* to Supervisors */
    AND [Changes - Previous value]="360010909133") /* from the prop-team */
    THEN [Update ticket ID]

    In this case, it seems like the "First Assignee" attribute can't be bound to this in a table row - I would like to visually show who the first assignee on the ticket was prior to the ticket changing groups.

    In my example here, I isolated to a single ticket that should be included:

    So this is working for the "Tickets updated" metric, but I would like to have this also work for my custom "Upgrades" metric.

  • Jay McCormack

    I utilized this Standard Calculated Metric a while ago to help me identify tickets moving from group to group. I now have a need for it to try to find some other information. It seems that the formula is now failing.

    If I run the original queries/reports that I initially used this metric in they seem to run fine. However, when I now select it from the list of metrics under columns or rows, I get the error below. 

    Can anybody shed some light on this?


  • Alex Zheng
    Hey Jay,
    You are probably in the wrong dataset, make sure you are in the Updates History dataset and the formula should work.
    Let me know if you have any further questions.
  • Gerald J

    Is it possible to get the same information, first assignee name and hopefully group in the ticket and SLA dataset?


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