Creating multiple ticket forms to support different request types

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  • Sari Siekkinen

    Is there possibility to have forms primary support request instead of support -email?

    There has been in lack of necessary information from you requesters to make your support more efficient as now it will take several emails to get all information that is needed to make sufficient support that requester is happy --- so ping-ponging emails is not preferred so much.

    We have been wondering if we could use Help Center Request forms to be primary contact to us but how is this to be best practise to do if at possible at all?

  • Beau P.
    Zendesk Customer Care


    While it is not possible to turn off the email channel entirely, you could utilize the workflow described here to close email created tickets and provide response to requesters submitting via that channel that directs them to your Help Center contact form This would allow you more agency in ensuring that requesters are submitting via your preferred channel and entering requests that include all of the information you require.

    Beau | Customer Advocate

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