Automating SMS support with Text triggers

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  • Lisa Colpoys

    The article says "Responses to notifications are placed into a Text ticket, like other inbound Text messages. If the end-user's number doesn't currently have an open ticket, a new ticket is created. If the end-user's number does already have an open ticket, the response is added to that existing ticket."  

    The part in italics does not seem to be accurate. We are using a work around similar to the one described by Justin above, to text end users who call first (and open a Talk ticket). It is a tedious process, and a new text ticket is ALWAYS created, even if there is an open Talk ticket. How can we have the text response added to the existing Talk ticket? 

    And while I'm asking about this, it would be great if agents can send SMS messages from Talk tickets without the elaborate work around. Is this feature on the road map and if so, is there a time frame for it? Thanks! 


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