Adding multiple languages to Zendesk Support

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  • Abdul

    Hi all, I need to add English(world) locale to my zendesk support. Can you help me out how to add the locale which is not available in my zendesk account.

    language Name - English(world)

    language code - en-001

    Refer article :

  • Blanca

    Hi there Abdul,

    Thank you for reaching out. To be able to add English or multiple languages to your Zendesk Support, you need to assume into an admin profile and do the following steps:

    Click the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar, then select Settings > Account.
    Select the Localization tab.
    In the Languages section, click Additional languages.
    Select the languages from the list that you want to support.
    Click the Save tab.

    Sharing this article for further reading as well Adding Multiple Language to Zendesk Support

    Blanca | Customer Advocate

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