Using the spam filter to prevent spam in your help center

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  • Patrick Morgan

    We have an SSO setup with our product and, because we trust our users not to misbehave so much, I have content moderation turned off.

    So I was surprised to learn that a couple comments/posts were marked as spam. A couple questions:

    1) I have some ideas about why the posts in question were marked as such, but I'd love to know what criteria the filter uses to determine something is spam.

    2) It looks like I "Follow" the Spam queue, but I received no indication that these posts were considered Spam. Bug? Or do I need to do something else to make sure I'm notified?

  • Chad Mathis

    A fellow Zendesk admin and I are also currently experiencing the @... described in their second point.

    We also have content moderation off at the moment. My colleague and I both follow the spam queue in our Guide Admin. The most recent example of this happened this past Friday, though over the last month there have been a handful of others.

    FWIW, we receive other Zendesk emails notifications without issue, such as updates to community threads we follow and daily suspended ticket notifications.

  • Patrick Morgan

    Tagging @... to get eyes on this. @..., this is exactly our issue. All our other email notifications are working fine—and I've quadruple checked my inbox rules to make sure they're not getting marked as spam (though I would appreciate that irony).

    If it helps investigate, I can provide specific comments that were filtered as spam which I can't imagine why they were considered spam.

  • Anna Roussanova

    Hey Patrick and Chad, I wanted to let you know that I created a ticket for Patrick to look into this issue. I'll throw an update on here once I track down exactly what's going on.

  • Anna Roussanova

    Hi folks, I wanted to let you know that our developers figured out the problem with content moderation emails not being sent and fixed it. So you should start seeing those emails now.

  • Chad Mathis

    That's great news! Thanks for the update, @....

  • Jason Kaiser

    Hi there,

    I have a similar experience as @.... I'll echo the same questions here:

    • I'd love to know what criteria the filter uses to determine something is spam.

    Specifically, because I had a team member in support reach out saying that an end user had been posting for the past week and eventually noticed her posts weren't showing up in the community. After the support person reached out I took a look in the Spam filter and low and behold, it was there - along with other content. We recently started a contest encouraging end users to post in the community and we have had an influx of posts coming in. This is the only thing I can think of that would trigger the filter but again, I'm not quite sure why.

    • It looks like I "Follow" the Spam queue, but I received no indication that these posts were considered Spam

    I'll have to wait to see if I start getting them now based on @...'s news.

  • DesignSpark DC

    I have a user that kept getting flagged for SPAM content even though he is one of the starts of our forum. As we have zero control over the spam filtering, I can't even turn it off, he was getting really frustrated and I was getting frustrated with the lack of control of the platform settings

    Eventually he found out that he was only triggered for spam whilst using a VPN.

    I'm not sure why this would be or why even after marking al this users content as NOT SPAM his content continued to be sent to the Spam bucket for moderation

    I know more and more users will be utilising a VPN and I don't want this to escalate further in the future, can we have some control over our users Spam filtering?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Davecole,

    Do you still have some ticket examples from the last thirty days? if yes, our Experts might be able to check them for you. I suggest that you contact our support, you can contact us here



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