Permitting only users with approved email addresses to submit tickets

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  • Richard Allen

    thanks for the article. what happens to the suspended request once the user does register... is it auto-recovered or does the request have to be manually recovered? thanks

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Richard,

    The suspended request would need to be manually recovered but any future requests would be created normally.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Jawad

    Is there then a way to allow those un registered users to GET their support ticket history?

  • Антон Минцев

    We have tried to enable "Ask users to register" option with external authentication enabled for end-users and Zendesk auth disabled.

    In this case, the ticket got unsuspended as soon as the end-user clicks the e-mail link before he passes authentication. Is it intended behavior? It works as an e-mail verification, not authentication. 

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    Yes, you are right.

    The e-mail link functions as an email verification in this case.

    That was intended to work like that.

  • Christophe Vercarre

    We have a restricted access ticketing system. 

    We are now thinking of implementing the social media channel, more specifically whatsapp. We will give our whatsapp number to our users. 

    How do we recognise our users without them having to identify themselves. We are currently using single sign in on our website, and it works perfectly. We know who they are, and to whom organisation they belong. 

    How can we make sure it's the same case with whatsapp, without us having to enrich the ticket with name and organisation, which means digging into our database each time.

  • n k
    1. is there a limit on the concurrent customers (end users) logged in  ?
      what is the cost of each customer accessing the Help center ? 
    2. I cannot find any documeantation on this . 
    3. Please help, it seems you buy 2 enterprice licenses and have 1000 end user logins on help center ?
    4. Please help if you ahve information on this.
  • Richard Allen

    n k ~ no limit, no financial cost for end users << the second one is not true for all Customer Service providers. the 1,000 you mention refers to Zendesk Light Agent licenses, which are bundled with Suite Enterprise, and which soften the overall cost


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