Am I using live chat or messaging?

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  • Morgan King

    We have recently tried to switch over from live chat to messaging so that we can utilize the chat bot.  We use the web widget so users can submit tickets via the API on our website.  We found that when we turned on messaging with chatbot, messaging was turned on in our website.  Is there a way that we can turn on messaging, but only have it available on our ZenDesk help center?

  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Morgan, 
    If you have multiple brands set up, it would definitely be possible for you to turn on messaging on one brand and have the web widget enabled on another brand. However, if you're on a single brand using the same script that's inserted in your website's html code, then I'm afraid that won't be possible. 
    More information can be found here

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