Feature Request: Change the Welcome Email Subject Line


  • Agree and have the same need, too.

  • Bram

    Same need. In addition, the brand used in the title is even incorrect!

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Same here, plus I'd like to be able to specify the brand name, not the account name. 

    Thus, I created my own, more encompassing version of this feature request:

    Feature Request Brandable Welcome and Verification Mails

    Please support it, too.

    Yours truly,  Peter

  • Seneca Spurling

    We need this, too. 

    Our customers often don't pay attention to this email and don't realize they need to verify their email address for us to receive their ticket. We would like to do something similar to "Please Confirm Your Support Request". It's important to get the customer's attention here.

  • 下村 忍

    Japanese text is particularly unnatural.
    Users should be able to change it.
    We strongly request improvement.


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