2-Factor authentication for Enduser



  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to write up this feedback. It's not currently in our plans to enforce 2FA for End users but I've added this feedback to our internal board for tracking. 

  • Emily Van Nostrand

    We would also like this feature

  • Lisa Springall

    Hi, this is something that we would like to see available within Zendesk.

    We would benefit from this as we are concerned that if we are not notified of an end user leaving an organisation they will still be able to access Zendesk & guide more specifically & have access to materials they no longer should have access to.

    If this could also be configured so that the authentication code was sent to the email address on the account, this would also assist with the security aspect, if it's only mobile & they use their personal mobile then they can always access the account even with 2FA.

  • Ryan Lemieux

    This is something we would like to see added as our end users are within the cyber security/infosec space and we would like to add additional securities to their user accounts. 


    This should always be an available option when dealing with user accounts as sensitive information could be leaked to attackers/unauthenticated users if our end users mistakenly give up their password to an attacker.

  • Borgny Hageberg

    Hi, this is a critical matter for us also! We really do not like that out end users accounts with sensitive information could be leaked to attackers. Today the best user-tools and systems offer simple "Turn on 2FA for your own safety", either forced or optional, and "A security code will be sent to your email address for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) ". This is a simple and safe way to secure a user account. Today we naively trust that our communication with the customer is safe, but we do actually put our end users in jeopardy. We would like to hear from Zendesk about plans here.

  • Verizon Sourcing LLC

    This is also critical for our end users.  We need to enforce 2-factor authentication for all users.


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