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    Justin Smith

    Suggestion: When setting up the trigger to tag tickets as solved by answer bot, you suggested:

    • Ticket Status: is greater than Pending
    • Agent replies = 0

    However, if your agent needs to check with an internal stakeholder and places the ticket as On-Hold, before sending a response to the customer, the customer will receive an email saying "Glad you found your answer with our self service articles!"

    I instead set it up like this:

    Ticket Status: is changed to Solved

    Agent replies=0

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    Chris Stock

    The answer_bot_solved trigger is fired when an Agent solves a ticket without a public comment too.

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    Geoff Williams

    We do not currently have Professional or Enterprise, instead we have an old grandfathered account. I don't have the option to set status to 'Is changed to Solved'. Is there another way to identify and separate tickets that have been solved using answer bot?

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    Hi there! I have set up the follow-up for self-solve successfully, but for some reason, I keep getting the email responses from users when they reopen the tickets as assigned to me.  

    I noticed the tickets solved with AB get assigned to me automatically after successful user interactions. How can we avoid these tickets from getting assigned to agents? I would rather have these reopened tickets back in the queue and not in the admin Open queue. 

    Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong or missing a step somewhere?


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    Jamie Noell

    I had initially set the answer_bot_fired tag to be added on the trigger as specified above, but it seemed to add to all tickets and not just the ones where Answer Bot actually suggested articles.  I read the Liquid Mark-up documentation and it does not appear to allow the capability to set a field value, like a tag.  I am now trying to create a second trigger to set the answer_bot_fired tag based on ticket comments - we will see.  Does anyone have a better idea?  

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    Jamie Danjoint

    I find this is marking cases as answer_bot_solved when the client marks the case as Solved prior to us making the first response (they figured out their answer, but not bc of Answer bot). I'm having to manually remove tags and it's becoming daunting to manage.

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    Vladan Jovic

    As Jamie Noell noticed, the trigger will put a tag "answer_bot_fired" even if AnBot is actually not fired.

    I need a way to tag tickets with a tag only in a case when a user receives an email with listed articles (user gets one or more articles, that should mean AnBot is fired). :/

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    This also wouldn't work for Answerbot within the web form or widget.  Shouldn't Zendesk tag "answer bot fired" automatically?!

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    Hemlata Mansukhani

    I tested the function. 

    1. Close a ticket and confirmed it is resolved by answer bot

    2. I received the message - ticket is solved, if it was incorrectly closed, please reply and we will re-open the ticket. 

    I checked ZD, the ticket is not re-opened. Please advise if I am doing anything wrong here

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    Mike Mortimer

    Hemlata, you might need to reach out to support to help review your triggers / automations to make sure they are setup properly to allow a ticket to be re-opened when a user replies. I've created a ticket on your behalf to get someone to help review it with you

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    TJ Baker (Edited )

    Howdy! How can we assure 'answer_bot_solved' tag is NOT added when an agent closes the ticket?

    The recommended trigger above suggests using 'Agent replies = 0' as a rule, however, that is often the case when we are closing up spam, or other various types of inquiries we get which receive no reply before moving to Solved.

    Any ideas? I've tried to look at various rule options to no avail...

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    Mike Mortimer

    Hi TJ, I might request this best practice to be updated. I think the following setup might better cover all these cases, but I'm keen to get everyone's thoughts to see if there are any cases it's missing:

    Role is end user. Ensures that the end user themselves is self-solving the ticket
    Status is changed to "Solved". I.e. they are solving their own ticket
    Tags contains "answer_bot_fired" ensures this only runs on tickets where Answer Bot actually fired
    Agent replies is 0 ensures that agents have not been involved. This condition is probably optional.

    Let me know what you think and if this is a better recipe to use for best practice moving forward?

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    TJ Baker

    Hi Mike,

    That looks indeed like it would probably solve this for us! Thank you for pointing it out! I'll make the adjustment and see how it goes.


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    Mike Mortimer

    No worries, look forward to hearing if it worked as expected. 

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    TJ Baker

    Hey Mike, I finally got around to testing this after seeing a recently agent solved inquiry land in our folder for 'answer_bot_solved' tickets.

    Seems the role rule is maybe not applying (guessing). I shouldn't think it would matter if it were at the top of the rules, or bottom, but does it? I added the role to the trigger and so it's at the bottom of the requirements ...

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