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  • Eunice Lam

    Hi there,

    Currently, I successfully uploaded my profile photo as my own face. However, when our users ask us questions through live chat, they see another colleague's face. Is there any way to fix this glitch?

    I have re-uploaded my photo several times.



  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Eunice! Welcome to the Community!

    That's odd...can you tell me how you're logging in to chat? I have to think that you're inadvertently logging in under a different profile for some reason.

  • Roberts, Adam

    The directions indicate that an admin can either upload a new photo or delete one that's already been uploaded. Perhaps a bug, but we only have ability to upload new. How do we help a user completely get rid of their profile photo? (I realize we could upload a new one, but that doesn't totally solve it)

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Adam! Welcome to the Community!

    It's odd that the Remove option isn't displaying for you...are any other agents or admins in your Zendesk having the same problem? It shows up both in our main Zendesk instance as well as my test instance, so I'm inclined to think that this might be a browser caching issue...

  • Roberts, Adam

    If I upload a new picture, I can remove it, but I am still unable to remove the original picture. He doesn't want a picture at all. How do we fix?

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Adam, 

    I think this is going to take some more in-depth troubleshooting than what we can do here in the Community, so I'm going to get a ticket started for you. You'll be getting an email from me shortly!

  • Kim Lake

    HI, is there a way to bulk upload the same profile picture for all of our agents (e.g., company logo)

  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Kim,

    There's no native way to bulk upload a profile picture such as a company logo, across many agent profiles like you're looking for here. The only ways to achieve doing this are as per the below:

    1. You could send an email out to all agents, which includes the company logo image, asking them to login and update the image which is linked to their user profile. 

    You can further check to see which agents have/haven't done this by looking at the agent list under Admin > Manage > People > Select Agents or Admin button to view the list of agents. The image which displays next to their name is what their current profile image is set too. A quick browser of this will show you who has completed this task or not. 

    2. The only other way to do this in bulk would be to leverage our API. You could look at using the Create or Update many users API call here. You would need to know the agents user ID's in advance and then use this call/create a script which will update the attached profile image for all of the elected agent IDs.

    If you're not sure how to use the API yourself, we recommend for you to reach out to a web developer who can assist you with this from there. 

    Hope this helps put you on track with your query from here. :)




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