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    Emily Littlefield

    Is there a way to hide Groups so users can only assign tickets to a sub-set of groups? We are growing in leaps and bounds and the number of groups is getting large, so in order to streamline the options for certain agents it would be great to be able to tie certain groups together so that they see each other but not all of the other groups in our instance.

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    Wes Drury

    Hi Emily - Check out the Assignment Control App.  It won't do everything you are wanting but it will hide groups from other groups.  I use it and it works very well.

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    Kris Lowet

    I am missing the option "Agent can assign ticket to any group" ... Is that option replaced by something else?


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    Graeme Carmichael


    On the Enterprise Plan, the 'assign ticket to any group' is set in the Agent Role. It only displays when an Agent has access to all tickets within their groups.

    For other ticket options, it does not apply.

    I am not sure if it displays on other plans.

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    Kris Lowet


    I don't see that option in pro-plan.

    Thanks for your answer

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    Max Mulsch (Edited )

    Is there a way to hide certain groups? For instance I have 3 groups:

    1. Admin group
    2. Approval group
    3. Deployment group

    My agents are able to reassign tickets to other groups, however I don't want them to be able to reassign tickets to the admin group.

    Is this possible, and if so how do I do this?

    I know you can give access to certain groups, however I don't want the deployment team to be able to see the tickets within the approval team.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Max Mulsch

    Nevermind, I've figured it out. I just need to create new views for certain groups.

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    Wes Drury

    @Max - If you want to completely hide the Admin Group from the other groups then you need to install the "Assignment Control" app from the MarketPlace.  Its under the "Zendesk Labs".  We use this so our Help Center team can't forward tickets to our Web Development Team.  It should work perfectly for your scenario. 

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    Sans Montecillo

    Hi guys,

    I want to escalate a ticket to another group / assignee. My question is, how will the original agent (who re-assigned the ticket) get notified with any new public comments on the ticket?

    For example, I handle Frontline Support. I re-assigned my ticket to another team for verification of the issue. While that other team / assignee is investigating, the client sends a response that I need to respond to. The new assignee is not supposed to respond.

    Is there a way for me to still get notified with updates on that ticket? So I can still respond when needed.

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    Ranilo Pasana


    This is not working.

    Example: Notifying a group of a ticket assignment with a trigger


    Please advise. Thanks!

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Ranilo!

    Can you give us more details about what exactly isn't working? A screenshot of your trigger would be helpful, too.

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    Ranilo Pasana

    Hi Jessie, 

    You can refer to ticket id  #2518935 and #2502438 



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