Creating triggers for automatic ticket updates and notifications

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  • Colin Piper

    @Jon. The triggers are processed in a op down order. When one is triggered, the whole list is then traversed again skipping any that have already fired, until all triggers have been checked.
    You cannot control the timing beyond that.
    Can I assume you do not have access to Insights or would prefer not to use it? Some people do use Insights to do similar measurements to you and I suspect there are some recipes in these forums.
    Could you modify your second web service to sleep for 30 seconds when it receives a request? Would that help?

  • Ricardo Vargas

    Hi there,

    Is there any way to auto-assign a ticket if the ticket is created through an specific email address? On our case the user would forward an email to and since the agentXYZ is created on zendesk, it should be assigned to him/her directly.


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    You can do this on the Professional plan or above.

    First create a Schedule  for your business hours.

    Then in your trigger include the condition:

    • Ticket within business hours> No

    Finally, include the action to CC an agent or set up a notification.

  • Josie Conijn


    We are looking to use the new ccs function (not followers) to handle disputes. 

    When a ticket with certain attributes come in, we'd like to automatically add an end user to the ticket and use notify targets to send a message to both parties. 

    I'm looking at our triggers in Sandbox and I can't see an action option which is add cc, just add follower. 


    Is it possible to do this?

    Thank you!


    Edit: I found a potential workaround in a comment here:
    Will the comment from John fit what I'm after?

  • Adam Gudmundsson

    Hi Ricardo Vargas

    There is for sure. 

    Depending on how adaptable you need it to be. 
    If it's the same email addresses or they're from the same domain, you can easily create an organization for those.

    There are a few different approaches, we usually work more with filtered views in case an agent is out of office.

    But if you want to match an email address and automatically assign it to an agent it's easily done with triggers.
    You'll need on trigger per organization+assignee combination. 


  • Jason Bevilacqua

    Do trigger email responses allow for rich text formatting?

  • Honey Abella

    Yes, the role says, end user

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your feedback Sara! I would also recommend cross-posting this in our Support Product Feedback topic which will help provide visibility to our Product Managers in charge of this feature.

    Thanks again!

  • Adam Gudmundsson

    Paul, I think you're looking for SLA rules - which of course is a feature in Zendesk. 

    You can set as many rules as you want, with different timers depending on if you want it to count from Ticket Received, Ticket Updated by Assignee/Request and so on and so forth. 

    You then want to sort your view by SLA to get oldest tickets first, and of course, even set their priority to urgent if needed.

    We use a mix of SLA rules and triggers/automation depending on the case. 
    For example, if an agent is away but has open tickets - those will be unassigned and set as urgent a few hours before SLA is breached to ensure other agents handle the request.

    You can find more information here:

  • David Richardson

    Is there a limit to the number of triggers at which performance starts to be impacted?  Due to complexities in the way we handle our customers and the various departments of our organization we are thinking it would take ~4,000-5,000 triggers to accomplish our routing needs.  Also a percentage of these would been to be updated on a daily or twice daily basis (~25%).   We are concerned if this will have any impact to the over all system.  I am starting to look at a possible alternative that uses Web Hooks that notify an API we create when a ticket is created, so that we can use our existing security/scheduling/workflow system to determine the proper agent(s) to route the ticket to and route it via an API call back into ZenDesk.  Does this sound like it would be something that would be feasible? 

  • Waseem Khan


    Recently we have moved to webform from email.

    In Our triggers we use to send notification to the customers on getting the request. We used "EMAIL" as the channel in the triggers we set up. To trigger the notification to the customers what channel i have to  use?

    Appreciate if someone can help me ASAP


    Waseem Khan

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    You can certainly do that using a trigger.

    Meets ALL of the following conditions

    • Tag>Contains at least on the following>Urgent


    • Remove Tags>Urgent
    • Email User>Assignee (Then complete the subject and body of the email)

    In this example, an agent adds the tag 'urgent' causing the email to be sent to assignee. The tag also removed so that the next time the ticket is updated, no email is sent unless the tag is added again.

    Rather than use a tag, it may be easier to use a checkbox custom field. 

    For example, the check box could be 'Notify Assignee of update' and the condition would be be:

    • Notify Assignee of update>is> Checked


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Sorry, what is it about Automations that doesn't work for you please? I must be missing something!

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator


    I'm not sure it's that condition exactly. But if it is, are you able to save it when you remove that action?

  • Paul

    Fun question: Is it possible to create a trigger based on ticket ID? Soon we'll hit ticket #10.000 so i want to create a trigger when that ticket is created so i can surprise the colleagues via hipchat :P

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jozette,

    I could be wrong (it happens LOL), but I am thinking you need at least 2 steps for that. I am going to assume that you use Pending status which changes to Open status when the Requester End User replies.  I am also assuming here that your business hours are 24 hours/day. 

    I would do this:

    Create Automation - 

    All Conditions:

    • Ticket: Hours since requester update - Business Greater Than - 24
    • Ticket: Tags - Contain none of the following - 24_hour_update_needed
    • Ticket: Status - is - Open

    Perform these actions:

    • Ticket: Add tags - 24_hour_update_needed

    Then head over to your triggers (actually maybe do the trigger first so it fires off when the automation adds the tag, in case it happens before you get the trigger set up!)

    Create Trigger:

    All Conditions:

    Ticket - is - Updated

    Tags - Contains at least one of the following - 24_hour_update_needed


    Assignee - (blank)

    Notify target - Auto Private Comment

    Message Please check in with requester!

    Remove tags - 24_hour_update_needed <--- This will set it up so the process can run again on this ticket should it need to. Add a different tag if you want to report on how many tickets this occurs on.  But still remove the original one!

    Don't forget to test this out!!


    Hope this helps.

    Have a great day and my apologies for the long post.


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Hi @David,

    The highest number of Triggers I've used is 500 with no impact.  However, I would definitely steer you towards creating an app rather than all those triggers.... 

  • Karl Simms

    Hiya Guys, 


    We want to set up a out of hours trigger, 

    i thought that maybe we could potentially do Ticket: Requested is between X time and X time, 

    CC another email in, 

    but theres no option to pull requested time from the Ticket options, anyone else know another way to accomplish this?

  • Adarsh Shet


    Is there a way can we create trigger/automation/macro, when a new tag is added(let say 'Urgent') an automated mail will send to an assignee that the ticket is escalated/need attention.



  • Shakti Bhardwaj

    I am having issue creating a trigger having Subject text "Contains the following string" DOC Backup: Complete 

    when i click on create it shows error unsaved next to it as in picture.


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Honey - Do you have any triggers in place that might be impacting this?

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator


    Anything time-based would be something you use Automations for (usually).  Automations run every hour, depending which plan you're on, but they are not necessarily at an exact time on the hour. i.e. It could be 2:07 or 2:10, not necessarily 2:00.  

    That said, you can get close.  In Automations, you have a lot of variables to choose from: Hours since Pending, Hours since Created, etc.  

    Take a look here. Hopefully this will get you on your way!


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator


    Great find on that comment! I haven't tried that one specifically but yes that should work.  For our needs, we wanted *all* tickets for an Organization to get a certain end user CC.  We followed a different recipe which I can't seem to locate right now but essentially we:

    1. Created a custom field for our Organizations for "CC User on All Organization Requests"

    2. Any account that wants this functionality sends us the email they'd like added there. 

    3. We set up a new HTTP Target (Admin -> Settings -> Extensions) Add Target:

    Title: Add Org CC


    Method: PUT

    Attribute Name: value

    4. Add a trigger with the conditions, When the Organization is ABC Corp and the cc_user_on_all_organization_requests field is PRESENT

    Ticket is Updated OR Created

    Ticket contains none of the following tags: auto_cc_org

    Then Notify Target

    And ADD TAG auto_cc_org

    (Checking for and adding a tag for your trigger is important to avoid the trigger running a hundred times before timing out and otherwise just causing havoc on the back end).


    I found another GREAT recipe that's more detailed than mine and the comments are golden in addition to the tip itself:


    Hope this all helps! As always, make sure to test and keep an eye on things, any change to your instance should be monitored closely!



  • Ed Ball

    Can triggers not send an auto response and have the SLA stop?

    We created several auto responses for tickets that come in that need to be redirected to another site and that part works fine. The status is changed to pending but the SLA never stops counting. Looking at the ticket the events show everything, but the response is not counted as a response so the SLA never stops even though the ticket is in pending status.

    Do we have to do this with an automation in order to get the SLA timer to stop?

  • Karl Simms

    Ahhh, no way to do this prior then. theres only 2 of us you see. So we are only on the starter plan.

    Never mind, Thank you anyway Graeme

  • Jon I.

    Hi there!

    I want to know if there is a way to prioritise somehow triggers, making something such as a precedence order.

    I've got a web service, which stores our Zendesk's tickets. We're recording each tickets' changes (status, assignee, etc.) using a datetime. That way, we can measure times assigned to several agents.

    Besides, we've got two triggers: one to make a call to store a change in our WS (when a ticket is updated, if I'm not wrong), and another one which measures time (when a ticket status get changed to solved).

    The issue comes when the measurement trigger runs, the other trigger is also run. We haven't any way to guarantee that the measurement trigger gets executed JUST AFTER the other one.

    My guess is that Zendesk should provide us with tools creating a precedence order, or just by prioritising triggers.

    I hope I've explained myself right.

    Thank you all.

  • Paul van Venrooij

    @Heather R


    Thx for you quick response. 


    Is there going to be a Application which we can find through the store or a update to the system which will allow this in the future?


    It seems like this is a default feature for a lot of ticketing systems. I am kind of curious why Zendesk doesn't have this build into there software.

  • Justin

    What's the best way to configure a trigger to email a manager whenever a custom ticket field is updated? I'm finding that my trigger is based on: when a ticket is updated, and the custom field is selected as option A, email the manager. However, if the ticket has multiple updates thereafter, the manager is notified each time. I just want the manager to be notified the first time the custom field is updated.

  • Jozette Shaffer


    Having a hard time trying to create a certain trigger -- mind taking a look?

    I need to create a trigger that IF:

    • Requester updates ticket
    • No comment from agent within 24 hours

    Action is taken:

    • Ticket gets reassigned to the group the agent was attached to (ex: ticket was attached to Support/Jane Doe; no comment from agent, ticket gets moved to Group Support)
    • Private Comment, something akin to, "Please check in with requester"

    An advice would be appreciated.


  • Adam Gudmundsson


    Hi Milo,

    I'm not 100% certain what you're trying to do, but I'd recommend adding a tag to the first trigger, and in the second trigger using "has tags" or "has none of the following tags" to include or exclude ticket, and in that second trigger send it to "somewhere else" :)


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