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    Jacob J Christensen

    Is it possible to allow access to the Submit a request page for light agents?

    I have a HC set up in my sandbox and when I (as a light-agent) click the Submit a request link I'm redirected to the Zendesk Dashbord instead.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Jacob!

    The Submit a Request form in the Help Center is only available for end-users. Because Light Agents are considered Agents in Zendesk, the Help Center form isn't available to them and they're redirected to the agent interface to create their ticket.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Jacob J Christensen

    Hi Jessie,

    Thanks! I was wondering if there was some way to work around this behavior to allow some specified set of light-agents to submit a HC form and bar them from the Zendesk.

    I'll look into other options for my needs.

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    Jacob J Christensen (Edited )

    For anyone who need to have light-agents submit requests from a Help Center, the work-around I've found is to use the Zendesk Web widget to display the form.

    Instead of the New ticket tab in Zendesk.

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    Joshua Bentley

    What if I want to allow someone to be an author and manager of HC articles but not be able to change custom themes, layout, etc.? Seems like it's all or nothing...

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    Simon Dunton (Edited )

    Just echoing Joshua Bentley - the content management/discussion refereeing and the site design/admin functions do need to be kept separate. It worries me that to allow our product managers to moderate end-user content I'm going to have to empower them to wipe the whole help centre.

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    Gene Henson

    We've just run in to this problem as well. We really need the option to let "agents" moderate content in the community without giving them the "manager" role in Help Center. This is a really major flaw in the default model. It's also unclear to me if the Enterprise plan with granular permissions would even fix this.

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    Nicole Relyea

    Hey Gene - 

    Thanks for the feedback, and trust me, we hear you on the challenges that limitation poses in managing the Community. It's not fixed by the Enterprise plan; management levels simply weren't baked in to the Community platform when it was built.

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    DJ Jimenez

    We seem to have ran into a bug during this update. We haven't made any changes to Roles recently but there are some roles with "Can manage Guide" unchecked that can still add and edit articles

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    Hi Dj, 


    It seems that you already have a ticket open with us about this behavior. Since this is an account specific question, you will be notified of any progress on this ticket. 


    If you have any other question about your Zendesk account, you can always contact us via email at support@zendesk.com



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    Markus Raab

    Could it be that there was a change in the permissions of the light agents just very recently (the last hours, days)? 

    I am doing research and calculations and just thought that I have seen not long time ago that a light agent is able to add/edit Guide articles.

    <<Light agents (Professional add-on and Enterprise add-on) have Guide Viewer privileges for accessing content, but they cannot add, edit, or delete articles where agents have permission and they cannot be Guide Managers.>>

    I am pretty sure this was different recently. Any news on that?

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    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Markus,

    If you have Guide Legacy (which means you had Help Center before the Guide launch in May of this year), then your light agents can add, edit, and delete articles.

    If you are on a Guide Lite or Professional plan (which launched in May of this year) then your light agents cannot add, edit, and delete articles.

    Hope that helps clarify things!

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    Markus Raab

    Hi Jennifer,

    it is bad news but yes it helps clarifying things. I realized why I had a different information on that - the German help page states exactly the opposite. 

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