Understanding Guide user permissions for knowledge base access

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  • Antonio Lozano

    Hi Team , 

    Our Organization needs to set different user permissions in Guide   for :

    • Forms ( It will only be available for  employees) 
    • Knowledge base ( it will be available for external customers + employees. 

    Any advice on how to set this configuration please? 

    Thanks very much

  • Alina

    Hi there, 

    One of the publishers/editors doesn't have the Revisions section available. How can we grant permissions to see the revisions? Thanks.

  • Silas Johnson

    Is it possible to make categories and sections visible only to agents and admins? Is it only articles? I want to have full categories in our KB only available to staff. Is this possible?


  • Danny Cohen

    +1 to Silas Johnson. We need to have the ability to let guide editors access to update categories & sections. Not just admins. 


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