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    Robert Koch

    Does contextual help search tags too, or just words in the actual article?


    Chat lives on pages like this 




    How can we get related articles to populate? Right now it is wrong. 

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    Erica Wass

    @robert Contextual Help uses the same search as your Help Center Knowledge Base. I've created a ticket for your question so we can look into your specifics with you. 

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    We're seeking to embed the contextual help into our online app. We'd like to filter the results by the article's label and then by a language search within that label.

    Is that possible with the Widget API?  (If not... I'd like to offer that kind of two-tiered filter as a suggestion!)

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    Erica Wass

    Scott, the Web Widget automatically keys to the browser language so I expect that it would display articles of that language that use the label included in zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions. Is that not what you are finding?

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