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    Eckhard Doll

    Hi, this is very helpful, thank you! I have a question on Option 2. Maybe I am missing the obvious here but what is the easiest way to switch back to the original requester once the reply from the outside source has been received? Do I have to copy the original email address into the internal note field?

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    Hey guys, as an agent, I couldn't find the CC field in the Ticket. Check below :(

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Marcio!


    The Admins in your Zendesk can choose whether or not to allow CCs on tickets. Based on your screenshot, it looks like the "Enable CCs on tickets" functionality has been turned off. If that's something you need, your Admins can re-enable it!

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    Sebastiaan Wijchers

    Option 2 and 3 will cause all kind of communication ending up at the wrong places. I wouldn't advise using those.

    I think forwarding a ticket to an external address should be native functionality.

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    Elyssa Kolber

    I agree with Sebastiaan.  We have been doing option 3, CC'ing in the correct non-zendesk department.  It has been inefficient, grows the number of people on the thread, and makes it unable to include a message that our customer does not see. 

    Forwarding is a standard email feature and needs to be available.

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