Best practices: Setting up skills-based routing (Enterprise)

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  • Justin

    I'm yet to receive this feature, and don't know what is currently planned, but please, please add an option to filter skills (like a drop down box) within a view, without the need for multiple views.

    Some agents will be highly skilled and in some cases may want to focus on a particular skill at a time... 10 views for 10 different skills would not be very effective.

    Or better yet, add a dropdown option to filter any visible column in a view.

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Am I correct that this flags the ticket(s) as matching a skill set and then these tickets can manually be assigned to a user?


  • Kristen Mirenda

    @justin -- we're definitely thinking about how agents will be able to focus on one skill at a time. 

    @bill -- this is still the paradigm of agents pulling tickets from a view. They'll just be able to zero in on the ones that they can best answer, and skip the ones they can't. Having someone else do the assignment (triage) based on skill match isn't the use case we're supporting just yet. 

  • Kristen Mirenda

    There's been such great feedback in the comments sections of a few different articles relating to the current release of Skills-Based Routing. 

    We'd love to have most of that happening in one place, and we think the release announcement makes the most sense.

    So if you'd like to provide input, please do it there! It'll be easier for us to respond, and you'll be able to see and engage with others' ideas as well. 

    Thank you -- we're so grateful for your feedback. It's one of the main reasons we're taking an iterative approach, which gives us the chance to take it into consideration while we're still designing and planning. Keep it coming! (Just, over there.) 

  • Andrew Fell

    This seems like a very promising idea,


    Although I'm having issues , I setup a test skill , using conditions of just one ticket form type I have, yet when I goto the view of all tickets and add the skills match column , its ticked for every single ticket.

    Is this because I'm viewing the view as the agent I setup under the skill I added ?

  • Brendan Farrar-Foley

    @Andrew this is because none of the existing tickets have required skills as skills are only applied at Ticket creation.  Therefore any existing ticket will have no skills required and every agent can handle those tickets.  

    It might be possible to add skills to the existing tickets, but this looks to be a manual only process at the moment.

  • Sahar Padash

    I think it makes more sense to have check mark ONLY for tickets that have skills. 

    At the moment our teams handle all tickets regardless, so being able to easily identify what tickets are actually within their skill sets would be easier if only skill based tickets had check marks.

  • Justin

    @sahar True, however the idea from my understanding is that we are preparing for "Skills-based routing" meaning that once this feature is fully operational, all ticket without a skill will not be assigned.

    It sounds like to cater for both use cases we need more than just a "skill match" condition. 


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