Reporting with custom fields

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  • Chandra

    Why do the reports show the tag associated with the custom field value instead of the actual field value?

  • Gretchen Ladd

    Hey Chandra,

    It's currently expected behavior that the tag will be displayed rather than the field value. It does look like we are planning on changing this in the future though; here is the Product Feedback post if you'd like to upvote it and comment with your use case:

    Custom drop-down field displays tags rather than title value

    In the meantime, as a workaround you can navigate to Calculations > Renamed Set in the query to manually rename the values. This article has a bit more information:

    Explore recipe: Using renamed and ordered sets to change displayed values

    Hope this helps!


  • Massimo DiDio



    I have about 75 customer fields on my instance.

    I followed above advise, however, in zendesk explore, i can only see 1 custom field :-(

    What am I doing wrong? 

  • Nick Dushack

    Hi Massimo,

    Your custom fields should be appearing within Explore. As this sounds like an account-specific issue, I'm going to create a ticket and reach out to you via email. Keep an eye out for my reply.

  • Mireille

    Long time listener, first time caller. Can you report on deactivated fields?

    According to this article on altering ticket fields, "The data in the custom ticket field remains stored in the ticket audits endpoint below. GET /api/v2/tickets/{ticket_id}/audits/{id}.json" 

    If that's the case, can I create a data set of deactivated fields and active fields?

    The longer version of this story is that we're updating custom fields (drop-down) across our org which requires that some values become fields. At this point, I'm considering deactivating everything and starting from scratch, but I don't want to lose the historic data held in our old fields and values.

  • Gentry Geissler

    Hi Mireille, thanks for joining the show.

    There is a couple of ways you can go about that. You may want to just keep the ticket field active, but remove the field from any forms on new tickets. If you deactivate, the data for reporting on the dropdown itself will disappear, but the tags will remain. The second route would require you to change your reporting to be based on whatever tags existed for the old dropdown field answers.

  • Gal Zohar

    A question about Organization Custom Fields

    In Explore, it seems we can only report on the org custom fields of the requester organization, but can't report on the custom fields of the ticket organization

    For non-custom fields, both options exist separately ("requester organization" vs "ticket organization"), but for custom field, all we get is the user's, which is LESS useful (for us, at least). 

    This is a major gap in our ability to report on tickets based on the organization they actually belong to. I know we can work around this with more ticket custom fields and triggers, but that would be a lot of triggers and we already made it complex enough. 

    Is there any plan to make the ticket organization custom fields available?

  • Shera Esquivel

    Hello Gal!

    The custom fields for Ticket Organizations are also listed under “Requester/User organization custom fields”. For Here's an example:

    I hope this helps!

  • Gal Zohar

    Hi Shera,

    What this seems to give me is not the custom fields of the ticket organization, but those of the default organization of the requester. So if requested X has two organizations, A and B, and A is the default, it will always show the values of organization A, even if the user opened a ticket for organization B.

    I hope that clarifies my issue.

    In this image, I filter a single ticket. You can see that the same ticket has two organization names - that of the ticket and that of the requester.

    "Client Type" is a custom organization field, and is available for me to select only ONCE. The empty client type in the image is this of "**** Main Account", and there is no way for me to see the Client Type of the ticket organization, "*** Brazil Search"


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