Adding more storage to your default data storage limit for Zendesk Support

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  • Pavel Kolpakov

    I missed this announcment. When limits took place? How I was notified about that? Where I can see how much storage left? If limits are exceed how much time ZD will give to fix it before charging more or curtailing usage?

    Do I understand correctly, that if file attachments is 50mb it will be counted as 0.1 kb for file storage?

  • Ontec LLC (EMEA Reseller)

    Does it apply only to Support?  Are there any Guide usage limits eg. articles or Mb of images per agent?  

  • Eliott De La Rosa

    Pavel Kolpakov if file atachments is 50MB it will counted as 50MB for the file storage and 0.10KB for the Data Storage. I supose,


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