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  • Brooke Hamilton

    Can anyone tell me why when I create this report I have tickets that they say unoffered but also have attempts? 

  • Waseem Khan


    How do i create a report in which i should see what customer has asked and what articles have been suggested by the bot. Also i need to know which are the most articles user has tried to ask and which are the most suggested by the bot.


    Waseem Khan

  • Giuseppe
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HI Waseem,


    Using the Answer Bot dataset, you can use the following attributes to get the information that can help with this report:

    Answer enquiry

    The end user’s question for which Answer Bot looked for suggestions. The attribute values are limited to the first 255 characters.

    Article translation title

    The title of the knowledge base article in a specific language.

    And for the metric, you can use Attempts to get the number of attempts by Answer bot.

    With just these information, you can already create the simplest query that will give you the data that you need.


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