Why are my customers not mapped to their organization when they contact us?

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    Hello Greg and thank you for this post.

    I'm facing a case when I got more than 200 new users who belong to an existing organisation but who are not automatically linked. I have to force the mapping each time and it's time-consuming as hell ! 

    Is there any way to do a "bulk" force mapping. Like a reset button where th a mapping will be forced for all the users?

    If not, is there any other way than the domain to link automatically the user with an organisation? 

    Thank you for your help !


  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Chris,

    I hope all is well! Due to the reasons described above, if the user is not verified, there will not be another option to force or bulk force the organization's assignment. The best workaround at the moment is still the one presented above. 

    I hope this can help!

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