Voicemail EAP: Setting up and using voicemail in Sell Voice

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  • David

    Has this been addressed yet? I don't see how you sell a CRM system without voicemail.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi David - 

    The voicemail functionality is currently in beta. I encourage you to join the EAP and provide feedback there so that the product manager can understand your needs. 

  • Jay Clementson


    Can someone reach out so I can upload new voicemails to our account?

    Thank you,


    This comment has been edited by the Zendesk Community Team to removed an unsupported email address. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jay,
    Just to be clear, are you already in the EAP? If you're wanting to join, here's the signup form: Zendesk Sell: Voicemail Early Access Program
    And for future reference, here's how to contact Zendesk Support (I'll be removing that email address from your previous comment, since that's no longer a valid channel): How to contact Zendesk Customer Support
  • Jean-Luc Lamarche

    Is this feature being abandoned ?

  • Sebastian van Lengen

    I really need this feature. I cannot purchase Zendesk without a voicemail. I signed up but it shows that it might take time until I hear from anyone. 


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