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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Sovellin,

    The issue in Francois' case had to do with being on the right plan type; brands are not available on the free plan. So, if you are on the free plan, you would need to upgrade to basic in order to use brands.

  • Rachel Mooney

    hi all!

    thinking about implementing this in our instance (we'd need the basic version). 2 things i'm not clear on:

    1. is it possible to specify the address (just one address) for a group, without giving individual agents the ability to change it? or does it only set the default for a group, but it can still be changed manually?
    2. scenario: user submits a brand new ticket (via email or the webform). we have triggers to send an answerbot response or confirmation email. if the group of the ticket is already determined, will these triggers send from the appropriate group's email address? or is it possible to specify in the trigger which address to use?


  • Chris Fellows

    Hi Rachel,

    The basic plan of the app allows you to setup the default address based on agent's group.  Once the address is set though, an agent can still change it manually.   For item 2 the app wouldn't be able to apply the default through a trigger.  It only works on the ticket sidebar.


  • Jessica Hansen

    My team is reporting that previously the "default" used by the app was the "default" email for the "default" Brand. It now seems to be using the "default" email from the alphabetically first Brand, or maybe the alphabetically first default email on the list. We currently only use the free version. 

  • Chris Fellows

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for posting.  We are currently looking into this and I will post back.  Thanks!


  • Scott Marshall

    Hi, we're also having the same issue reported by Jessica yesterday - our previous default "From" address settings was wiped and now appears alphabetically. It's led to a few of our Agents sending out emails from the wrong address. Has this been fixed/ what do we need to do to get this resolved? 

  • Jamie Noell

    @... - we are experiencing this issue as of yesterday as well.  You may recall that we ran into this same issue back in August if that helps in your troubleshooting:

  • Chris Fellows

    Hi Scott and Jamie,

    Thanks for posting. The issue is when the require brand before save is on, it will pick the first default.  If that setting is turned off then it will choose the default brand's email address.  This is related to the same thing that Jamie saw in August so we are working on another update now.  Sorry for the issue again.


  • Florian Vannier

    Hi there, is there is still an issue on your side, as it always select the default adress even if i change it (i did use the last update app on march 31- 2021)

  • Jean-Charles Pascale

    Hi Florian,

    I have used the latest version of the application and was able to correctly change the email with the Select an Address application.
    Could you check that under Support > Admin > Email, the SPF is correctly set up for the email you are trying to use?

    Could you try to use a Zendesk address, for instance (replacing "subdomain" by your subdomain) and tell me if it works, as these address do not need any setup?

    I hope this helps.

    Jean-Charles - Zendesk Support

  • Lisa Anders


    I have 2 email addresses and 2 groups associated with 1 brand, I have switched on the "apply email to group mapping on all open tickets" and then set up my default email addresses for my groups correctly, however my ticket seems to be sticking with the 1 group and not switching automatically when a the ticket is moved to the other group and this group replies. So will we have to manually update the "select an address" when more than 1 group is associated with a brand?


  • Remi Saumet
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi @...,

    Thank you for your post, hope you are doing well!

    To answer your question, you may have to, indeed, update manually the address you want the replies to be sent with the "Select and address" app.

    Bear in mind that, email replies are sent from the support address they are received and for tickets not created by email, replies are sent from the default address set in Admin > Channels > Email.

    Basically, what matters on how the reply address is used, is the "Ticket Recipient" > The original recipient e-mail address of the ticket.

    Source : Which support address are email replies sent from?

    Hope this helps.

    Have a great rest of your day!

    Best regards,

  • Patrick

    I want to be sure I fully understand how this app functions before we install it.

    1. If a ticket is already assigned to a group, this uses the default group of the Agent interacting with the ticket, NOT the group the ticket is currently assigned to.

    2. With Default address for groups and Apply to all open tickets both enabled, any agent who views a ticket will change the sending address to their default sending address, even if all they do is view it. Meaning that it can change multiple times.


    If my understanding is correct, then what happens when multiple agents with different default groups are viewing a ticket? Which agent's default sending address is used for the next outgoing message?

    Also, in the event that the sending address is changed multiple times across several outgoing messages, what happens on the receiving user end? Will the replies thread correctly within the end user's inbox? when the sending email changes?
    What happens if the customer replies to such an email? Will it still thread correctly into the preexisting zendesk ticket without any changes? By changes I mean things like previous sending addresses be added as CCs or something equally silly and problematic.

  • Amber Barnes

    Will this have any affect on tickets coming from the help center? We want to be able to set the address automatically when someone submits via a certain form. We haver email confirmations to confirm submission is received but it all just sends out via the default address which is becoming problematic. Was hoping this app could help resolve that but seems like the address is only applied once an agent enters a ticket?

  • Ahn Letran
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello, Patrick,

    1. Yes, the behavior is expected to follow the default group of the agent handling the ticket.

    2. Agents has to view and save the ticket to open for the default address for groups and apply to all open tickets as described above: If you select the Apply to all open tickets checkbox, the mappings from the Default address for groups setting will apply when an agent views and saves any ticket with an Open status.

    This will not change the default address if the agents are viewing the tickets alone, saving would do that. Also, the ticket threading is expected to be at one ticket only, meaning changes to addresses would not affect this, nor create a new ticket for end-users.

    Hope this helps.

    Ahn L. | Customer Support Advocate

  • Sam Tilin

    To enable default email addresses or allowed email addresses, do I have to configure settings for every Group in my instance? I tried setting it up for just the one group I need to restrict and am seeing an error: 

    Your JSON config for "Default email address for groups" or "Email addresses by group" is not formatted properly. Please update.

  • Sergei

    Hi Sam,

    If it's still helpful - make sure you add groups and addresses in the following format (it is also mentioned above apps field, where you need to enter those values):

    "Group_1": "",
    "Group_2": "",
    "Group_3": ""

    If you do, then there shouldn't be any errors thrown. If you are still seeing an error after syntax is checked - reach out to support.

  • Terry Ehrhard

    Sam - You have to define a default and all the email addresses associated for each group otherwise that group won't see those addresses within Select an Address and will land using your default address.  To ease this process we utilize a spreadsheet for the Default and All addresses.   This helps format the structure easily and allows anyone to copy/paste the lower rows at the bottom with any new groups or addresses to be added.  Since this is JSON, when you are done with edits to the spreadsheet, paste the content into a text editor and remove all tab and paragraph marks.  As an extra check, take the raw text and place into a JSON Formatted to make certain the JSON is properly formatted.  When it is successful, place the Default and ALL into the correct locations within Select an Address. 

    Also one last word of caution, since Select an Address caches the content, wait 20 minutes or more from the time of adding the address into Zendesk before you place the updates within Select an Address.  Otherwise you will get an error message stating the address cannot be found.  Likewise in reverse if you remove an address, remove the address from Select an Address, wait 20 minutes or more, then remove the address from Zendesk.

    Sample ALL

    {" My Group 1 ": "
    ", " My Group 2 ": "
    ", " My Group 3 ": "

    Sample DEFAULT

    {" My Group 1 ": " "
    , " My Group 2 ": " "
    , " My Group 3 ": " "




  • Tyler Rutledge

    We also need a solution for this. Can this app be used to set support address that ticket confirmation's come from if the ticket is created via help center form? If not, is there any way to do this?


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