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  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    hi Chris.. Thank you for your kind words. 
    At this point, unfortunately, we do not have an easy way of doing this.. We do have this feature in our roadmap to build.. 
    Following is not a good recommendation for a workaround, but I'd still say it - 
    Given that they are drop downs and checkboxes, this is what comes to my mind:
    Create a hidden checkbox field.. Use a Trigger that checks the value of the Item's SOX system check box and sets the value in the ticket. Drop downs are a little worse since it involves creating multiple triggers(unless placeholders can do some magic there)

    Once you have this information in a ticket, you can always use it for reporting.

  • Anne-Flore Caire

    Would it be possible to have the creation option in the lookup fields?

    For a lookup field on organisations, for example, if I can't find a company, our users would like to have the option of "Add an organisation" in the results of the search field (opening the creation pop-up with the name and domain to be entered).

  • Leandro Silva

    It would be really useful if it had support to the Zendesk mobile version. Are there any plans to do it?

  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Anne-Flore Caire - That is a good idea. We are looking at adding new records from the related list pretty soon. I will take this to design and consider the options there

    Leandro Silva - Will pass on this feedback to the Mobile team on this. 

  • Sean Tierney

    We would definitely like having the lookup field accessible to user forms.  We want to store the list of products that our customers are subscribed to in a custom object.  When they submit a support ticket, we'd like them to be able to pick from the list of products that they own, which product they are submitting their ticket for.  We don't want them to have to pick from the entire product catalog - just from the list of products that they subscribe to.

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hey Sean, thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with your feedback here. I wanted to point you in the direction of our product feedback forum for Support where we collect product feedback and where our PM’s review feedback from our customers. We would greatly appreciate you using this forum to share your feedback with us for better visibility.  Here is our product feedback template to get you started. Thank you!
  • Sam Potashnick

    Is it possible to display values of a lookup field as a multi-level dropdown like we do on regular dropdown? Tried adding (::) in between the names but not working. I have a lookup with a few hundred records and I want to organise it into multi-levels.

  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sam,
    Unfortunately, this is not an existing feature as of the moment. You may follow this page to know the latest updates from Zendesk: What's New in Zendesk.
    Paolo | Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk
  • Ben Lakos

    Hi Ashwin Raju

    Has there been any progress on dynamic filtering for relationship fields?

    I remember being so excited when relationship fields became possible, and then so disappointed when I realised how limited their use in Views and Triggers were (at least in our use cases).

    To me, at a pretty fundamental level, if I can eg use the 'Assignee' field in defining Views and Triggers, then I'd expect the same functionality for any other relationship field that also utilises Users. To have only a subset of that functionality makes the whole feature far less useable.

    Our specific use case is pretty simple and I would have thought applicable to many others:

    • we have two agents working on each ticket
    • the second person obviously wants to keep across tickets that they are responsible for
    • we therefore want the 'Your Tickets' view to include tickets that have either 'Assignee' OR 'Custom Field' set to (current user)
    • similarly, we want the 'You've been assigned a ticket' notification to go to users that have been selected in the 'Assignee' field OR the 'Custom field'

    The fact that we can't do this makes the feature very limited in usability for us.

  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    hi Ben.. We are releasing Dynamic filters in the next couple of weeks that can be used for Lookup field filters
    Give me all Contracts where Contract.Organization = Requester Organization.

    But what you would want seem to be something you'd want to use in View conditions.. Let me check with the Views team on whether this functionality can be leveraged in views 


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