Creating custom objects to integrate with custom data

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  • Shayan Moussawi

    Are the custom object record limitations, per object, or overall? 

    So if I had two custom objects (transactions and orders) - would I be able to have 100.000 records for transactions and 100.000 records for orders, or only 100.000 records overall?

    Are there plans to extend these limits after the EAP? 

  • Flic

    This is a breath of fresh air for me! As an Internet Service Provider, we are now able to associate service objects in a one-to-many arrangement to provide staff with immediate access to customer services. I have already begun defining several test objects and look forward to ongoing development.

    I would love to be able to re-order fields in the custom object design page to set their order at data entry time by users and also define what fields are visible, and their order in the object list view as well.

    Great work team!

  • Shishir Sharma
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Triggers on custom objects EAP is now live and allows the ability to build trigger conditions based on custom object field values. Additionally, you can create trigger actions to set or update the value of fields on the same custom object.

  • Daniel Vidolich

    The instructions state that "Adding related objects doesn't automatically create an association between two specific records." Is there a process to upload existing associations in bulk? 

  • Ashwin Raju
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Let's say I want to associate an Order to a customer. On the Order object, I will go to the Order object (which is a custom object) and create a lookup field called "Customer" and link it to the User object. From a database standpoint, what this does is to create an additional column in the Order table(custom object) that can have values that point to Users. 
    What we intended from that statement is that - you still need to update Order1234 to assign that order to Daniel. 
    I presume your question is - I have Order1234 as an Order record and have Daniel as a User in Zendesk. Can I build this relationship with CSV bulk importer? 
    At this point, no - but we are soon releasing the feature to update records through the bulk importer. Carl Joseph and his team are working hard at making this happen. Until then, you have 2 choices - 
    1) Update it manually through UI
    2) Update it through APIs. 
    However, if you do not have Order1234 in the system, you can use CSV bulk importer and pass the record ID Daniel to build that relationship

  • Antonya Johnston

    Are there plans to allow Custom Objects to be available as datasets in Explore? Or extending the relationships so we can pull data from the object via the linked ticket.

    Ex. Event custom object has date fields. These date fields do not show on the linked ticket, so they are not available in the Support data sets.


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