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  • Kate Ives

    Do content blocks not support the <span> element? I keep trying to add one and it gets turned into a <p> element. If not, please add support for this as it can be helpful for custom CSS.

  • Darenne
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Kate, 

    I hope you're doing great! I have confirmed with one of our project managers that content blocks are not supported <span> at the moment and this is not yet in the roadmap. We recommend that you file this as a feature request via this link. Your comment will be routed to our Dev and Product managers and they will check if they can consider this feature for future use. 
    Thank you so much and have a lovely day! 
  • Elizabeth Brown

    Hi Zendesk team - you say:

    If you are editing the content block HTML source, be aware that the content block editor removes class and id attributes from the HTML source of content blocks, with the following exceptions:

    • Top-level div tags can use the class attribute.
    • Heading tags, such as h1 and h2, can use the id attribute. If you don't specify an id, Zendesk automatically assigns one to headings. Content blocks don't support h5 or h6 headings.

    Why do you remove `class` attributes? It's the one attribute I add manually to text for formatting purposes, to create shaded backgrounds behind text. 
    I can now add colour backgrounds to content blocks but they don't look the same. 
    What's the rationale?


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