Pulling data from ticket fields to user record

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  • Ahmed Zaid
    User Group Leader Community Moderator

    Hi Emily McCarthy,

    You can achieve that by creating a webhook that targets Zendesk's User API to update the requester's name and phone number based on the custom ticket fields they filled in. But from a privacy and security point of view, this is a bad idea.

    You probably should not build such automation based on anonymous user input. I can simply submit a new request, fill in the email address as emily@yourdomain.com with your name and my phone number. This is true for every ticket at the moment, but you will be corrupting your user data for any future usage.

    If you want seamless and secure integration of user data, you may want to invest more effort in authenticating users while maintaining positive user experience through single-sign on and/or user provisioning. In other words, you should be confident of the identity of the user contacting you and refer to verified data from your product's user database rather than user input in support.



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