Introducing the new Zendesk agent interface

On 9/12/12, we released a new version of the agent and administrator interface of Zendesk. During the beta period, this was known as 'Lotus'. The Zendesk you knew before 9/12 is now referred to as 'Zendesk Classic'. We refer to the new version as simply 'Zendesk' and quality that with 'new' or 'current version' when needed to distinguish between the two versions. The Classic version will remain available as our customers move over to the new version, but at some point it will be retired. For more information about the new version of Zendesk, check out the new Zendesk FAQ.

Important: The new Zendesk affects only administrators and agents. End-users still get your Web portal or Help Center.

Topics covered in this article:

How to preview the new version of Zendesk

One of your account administrators can make the link to the new version available in the header of the Classic user interface so that each agent can individually choose to preview the new version.

To show the new Zendesk link
  1. Sign in to your Zendesk account.
  2. Select Settings > Agents.
  3. Click the Show the new Zendesk option.
Note: If you started your Zendesk trial on or after 9/12/12, your default agent interface is the new Zendesk so there's no need to change this setting.

Once the link to the new version of Zendesk has been enabled by an Administrator, all administrators and agents can see the link the header of the Classic version.

To get back to the Classic interface from the new Zendesk, click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select Go to web portal.

How to switch individual agents to new Zendesk

If you'd like to have one or more but not all of your agents try out new Zendesk without having them click the Try link each time, you can add a tag to their user profile. This tag tells Zendesk to show the new Zendesk by default to these users. If you remove the tag, the default returns to Zendesk Classic unless you've set new Zendesk as the default (as explained in the next section).

Note: Agents can't add tags to their own user profiles.
To add the switch to new Zendesk tag to a user profile
  1. Sign in to your Zendesk account as an administrator.
  2. Edit the agent's user profile and add the redirect_to_new_zendesk tag.

    You can add the tag to the agent's user profile in either version of Zendesk (classic or new).

See this tip for more information.


How to set the new version of Zendesk as the default

When you're ready to make the switch to the new Zendesk, you can make it the default interface. When you and your support staff sign in to your Zendesk, only the new version is available and you will not be able to access Zendesk Classic (and of course the preview link described in the previous section will no longer be visible in the user interface).

To switch to the new Zendesk
  1. Sign in to your Zendesk account as an administrator.
  2. From Zendesk Classic, select Settings > Switch to new Zendesk.
  3. Click Switch.

If for some reason you need to switch back to the Classic version of Zendesk, contact our Support team.

Quick tips for getting up to speed with the new Zendesk

It should only take you a few minutes to discover where everything is in the new Zendesk interface. But, to help you along, here are some quick tips for common agent tasks.

When it comes to security, what are the specific new measures and protocols that are part of the new Zendesk?

The new Zendesk requires that agents use it through the Zendesk domain, over an SSL connection. While this was possible in Classic, it was also possible for an admin to turn this off, so the end-user experience could be more tightly customized. Because the new Zendesk is for Agents only, we feel that putting everyone on an SSL connection through the Zendesk domain gives optimal security. Aside from this, there are no changes when compared with Classic.

How do I create a ticket, add a user, or add an organization?

You create new tickets and add users and organizations by hovering over the Add tab in the top toolbar. If you click the Add tab, a new ticket is created.

The following topics describe how to add new tickets, users, and organizations:

Where is my list of recent tickets?

Your list of recent tickets is now under the Add tab. Your five most recently viewed tickets are displayed.

When you click a ticket's title, a new tab is opened in the agent interface.

How do I search my Zendesk account?

The global search is now located on it's own page. Click the Search icon ( ) in the top toolbar.

From this page you can search all ticket, user, organization, and topic data. See Searching the data in your Zendesk in the Zendesk Agent Guide.

Where are the Manage and Settings menus?

All of the manage and settings menu pages can be accessed by clicking the Admin icon ( ) in the sidebar.

Where is the link to my web portal?

To access your forums and end-user web portal, click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select Go to web portal.

Where do I find the user options?

These user actions are located in the User options drop-down menu, which is on the upper-right side of a user's profile..

For more information, see the following topics in the Zendesk Agent Guide:

Where do I find the tickets options?

These ticket actions are located in theTicket options drop-down menu, which is on the upper-right side when viewing a ticket.

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    so, AWESOME. you guys are the best.

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    Craig Morton or defaults to the new interface, but doesn't work for enterprise SSO solutions as it redirects to the standard /access/normal interface.

    I would like to default to Lotus with SSO - I'm sure it's coming?

    Two related features, I would like to see to cover a mixed corporate/ end user helpdesk

    1. Default authentication method for straight URL - SSO yes/no

    2. - always SAML redirects

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    Hi Guys,

    The new interface looks great but I would really like to make this the default. If you open the email notifications you go straight to the old interface, instead of the new...

    Keep up the great work :D

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    Liz Krause

    Having same issue as Ryan above.  Why does the new interface not "stick"?   I have to keep clickign the Try new Interface link each time.  Also, another user/admin on our account reports the buddah window shown while updating to new interface just gets stuck adn won't get past that window - I think buddah fell asleep on the job.


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    Anton de Young

    Danny, Ryan, Garry, Kel, Liz:

    There will soon be a setting on the Agent settings page that will allow you to make the new Zendesk the default. For now, just contact our support team and they can do it for you manually. 

  • Avatar
    Anton de Young


    I created a ticket for the SSO issue and Support will add a response to it here. 

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    @Anton; thanks for the  quick response!

    Greatly appreciated :D

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    Peter Sterkenburg

    Still getting used to it, but quite liking it so far!

    Some small nagging UI things though: one of them is that in Chrome (latest Dev channel) the ticket update notifications don't disappear automatically:

    This is particular cumbersome when you bulk update tickets: you have to click all the notifications away. I'd expect them to fade within seconds.

    Another thing: the Submit button should be moved. I am working on a 24 inch widescreen and when I set all the fields and custom fields I don't want to move aaallll the way to the other end of the screen to then submit. It's out of my 'view' and interrupts the flow somehow.

    Why not have it in that fields left-hand column?

    Last, but not least: why is there the 'Submit as New' option? When I assign a ticket to one of my agents and click Submit as New, it still shows as Open on his or her end.

    Couple of small things, but they can make all the difference :)

  • Avatar
    Jonathan March

    +1 on chrome notification fade (Peter's)

  • Avatar
    Thomas Andersen

    How do we use SSO on the new interface?

  • Avatar
    Craig Morton

    SSO works as usual - just click on the 'try new zendesk' after you login

    The discussions above are about 'default to Lotus on login' ; and

    additional desirable features to allow mixed SSO and normal login based on the URL used (see other thread 'introducing SAML for zendesk') 

  • Avatar
    Peter Sterkenburg

    Sorry to say, but after using it for a few days I am ready to move back to the old interface :(  My 'quite liking it so far' has been changed by my further experiences and the experiences of my agents. It's just slow, buggy, and cumbersome to work with. 

    1) View count doesn't update automatically. I have to switch between views to get it to update

    2) After multiple ticket handling (updating, deleting, or anything) the Edit Tickets button remains active with the selection done, so I cannot edit 1 ticket seperately. I have to restart the interface to get rid of it.

    3) all kinds of graphics issues - black blocks appearing in the screen when switching views and tickets, and then moving the mouse. Or in user profiles.

    4) Odd placement of buttons (see my previous comment from earlier too), making the user experience cumbersome

    5) In the old interface, once you submitted a ticket it would link to the ticket just handled and say Ticket #12345 got  updated  and give you   Create as macro or  post as forum topic.

    Now, I can only link back to the ticket in that pop-up that fades (well, sometimes it does fade, sometimes it doesn't), which sometimes is too fast to be able to copy the link (we need the link regularly, as we don't have all our integrations in place yet)

    We especially need the possibility to make easy macro's. Not the 5 steps that are needed now to even get to think of making a macro.

    6) General performance is that it is slow, in updating, in every action really.

    7) Autocomplete of requesters doesn't seem to work, or works very slowly. One has to wait for a while, before/if anything shows up

    And I can go on... :(

    Was very excited about it all to begin, but not a happy puppy right now!

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    Agree with Peter, 

    for me till at least issues #1, 7 and chrome thing are not fixed we cant move to a new interface.

  • Avatar
    Oscar Tobar

    @Peter, I have opened a ticket to adress your questions for you.

    @Irina, for #1 you don't need to jump in and out of views in order to update the ticket count within views. You can simply click on the "Refresh views" button at the bottom of the views list. This will refresh all of your views without leave any current view. I'll open a ticket for your other two issues.

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    Jonathan March

    @Craig: it is not true that an agent can simply log in to Classic with SSO and then "Try the New ZenDesk". For "Try" to work, they must have logged in to Classic using a zen password, not an SSO password -- at least on our account. As others have pointed out -- when most agents don't even have zen passwords, that adds a barrier to entry.

  • Avatar
    Craig Morton


    @Jonathan It works fine for us - very happy - we have some issues in the support queue, but otherwise happy with the interface

    I'm on an older Enterprise account where you must 'try' to change interface. The SSO method is the Zendesk one, not SAML - you may need to raise a support request

    I have a task to try SSO & SAML on a new trial/spoke account that defaults to the Lotus interface for agents. (does it have another name now?)  

    I really like the differentiation of two interfaces for each user/audience type and would like to see this reach a logical conclusion.

  • Avatar
    Jonathan March

    Thanks for the info. Yes, I think the new interface is not far from the tipping point, lots of very good aspects.

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    Hi guys,

    I've been using the new interface for a few weeks now and I have a question that I haven't been able to find in the forums.

    In my support queue, tickets are sorted by status; "new, open or pending" - If I sort by another column heading, for instance "requested by", I am unable to change the sort list back to sort by status.

    I've tried to make status a column heading, in fact according to my set up it already is. The only way I've found that I can get that view back, is by logging in and out of the system.

    Can you help? or advise what I'm doing wrong?

    Many thanks.

  • Avatar
    Robert C Yule

    A few things that make the classic better:

    1. Search should always be available in the header as in classic.

    2. Ticket descriptions do not show an auto populate list like classic.

    3. agree the submit button is in a dumb place, should be in the header bar as well, or at leat always in view.

    4. Custom field on the left do not size to the complete list, you have to scroll, nor does it flyout, thus if you are 3 levels down you need 3 clicks, where in classic you just moved your mouse to the 3rd level

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    Nathaniel Galimore

    This is a follow-up to your previous request  #266836 "Lotus and LogMeIn"

    Its really annoying the all these "New Useless Apps where added"....Why in the world would you not focus on getting apps (widgets) already in use integrated....

    The new Zendesk interface will greatly help us with efficiency...

    We went Zendesk because of how integrates with logmein rescue...

    For a staff of 3 we spend $270 per month on this software and we cant use improved features because of this....

    This really disgusts me...

  • Avatar

    Hey Nate: 

    We're working on transitioning the LogMeIn integration. We'll provide updates when this is completed. 

  • Avatar
    Maria Petersen

    I wanted to post a comment as well as we're having some troubles that I didn't see mentioned in other responses.  Primarily we're having issues with tickets not assigning to the people you set it to.  For example, I manage a customer service team and so I will set the Assignee to one of my reps, then submit it as pending.  The problem is, the message stays in MY queue still.  I try again and again, but it still sticks in mine (and yes, I have double-checked to be absolutely sure that I have the settings right:)).  This same thing is also happening to the reps when they try to assign tickets to me.  We have found the only way to fix it is to shut down your web browser completely and re-open it.  One of my reps had to clear cache and cookies as well.  It then works fine for a while but after you've had it open for a few hours or sent a bunch of messages, it starts doing it all over again.  It's super frustrating.  Anyone else having this issue?  We're seeing it on Firefox, Safari and IE so far both for Macs and PC's.

    Secondly, I just wanted to comment that it would be great if your custom drop-down list fields for your tickets still worked like before where you could start typing and it would take you to the correct entry.  I have to actually scroll and click now which slows me down just a little bit (not a huge deal, but still an annoyance sometimes).

    Lastly, I'd like to just second what Nate G says about the integrations.  We had a Salesforce and Basecamp integration set up and with the new switch, neither of those work any longer and our developers have to do some additional work to make them update once more.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Rowe

    Hi Mpeterson,

    You might want to file a ticket for your first issue. Sounds like our support team might need to talk to you directly to figure out what's going on...

    And for the other two issues, would you might adding them to the Switching to new Zendesk forum as new posts? I'm afraid they will be buried as comments on this topic and not get noticed.




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    Going to "events" for a ticket doesn't show what channel a tickets comments is received through. For example, I can not see whether a customer sent an e-mail or used the website to comment.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Pewtherer

    @Mattis: Ticket channel listed in events is in development.

  • Avatar
    Chandler Bainter

    Is Manage People available in the Lotus version? I can't seem to find it. Or is this something that the Administrator must enable for the Agents?

    Will there be a way to open several tickets in individual tabs without leaving the dashboard or views list? In Classic Zendesk, I can be looking at a table of unsolved tickets, then use my mouse wheel button to open any number of specific tickets in new tabs of my browser, which I can jump to when I am ready. In Lotus, I find that I have to return to the dashboard or view list after clicking a ticket in order to open multiple tickets at once. 

  • Avatar
    Aaron Pewtherer

    @Chandler: Please see your answers below:

    1. Agents have the same privileges they had in Classic. You can access Manage > People under [gear] (lower left) > Manage > People.

    2. No plans on opening multiple tabs from a View, like Classic used to do. Great idea though. I will let our Product Manager know.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Pewtherer

    @Chandler: Ignore the #1 above. You are correct, an agent is not able to see the Manage > People section on the New Zendesk. This should be fixed shortly.

  • Avatar
    Jonathan March

    +1 on Chandler's request for opening multiple tabs.

  • Avatar
    John Burk

    Just started using the new interface, one thing immediately pops up:

    Where's the ticket URL?

    We (all agents on our helpdesk) often roll over the subject heading in the ticket list and copy the URL into clipboard, and then paste the URL into skype, email, whatever.  In the new interface, this just yields:

    Which conveys no information...


    And just my 2 cent's worth (haven't scanned all the way through this thread, so this may be a frequent gripe...), but "Recent Tickets" is in a completely obfuscated location.  Could it possibly be any less obvious?

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