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Markdown is a simple markup language you can use to easily add formatting, links, and images to plain text. Markdown is available in the following places:

  • Ticket comments (from the agent interface)
  • Macros
  • Agent signatures

For agents to use Markdown, an administrator has to enable it in your account. For more information, see Enabling Markdown.

Note: Markdown is not available in email.

Topics covered in this article:

You can also watch this short video.

Using Markdown in a Ticket (01:41)

Adding Markdown to text

The following table shows examples of how you can use Markdown to add common formatting.

Note: These examples demonstrate one way you can add certain formatting. There might also be additional ways you can achieve the same formatting. There are also many more formatting options you can add with Markdown. For more options and information, see the complete Markdown syntax documentation.
Table 1. Examples of Markdown syntax
Formatting Entered text Published text
Bold This is how you **bold** text.
Italics This is how you *italicize* text.
Bulleted lists * Bullet one (don't forget a space after the asterisk)

* Bullet two

Numbered lists 1. Step one

2. Step two

Nested lists * This is the first level of this list.

* To make a second level, add two spaces before the asterisk or number.

Note: You can add things like images, quote blocks, or links to a nested list in addition to just text.
Headings # Heading level one (with a space after the #)

## Heading level two

### Heading level three

Note: You can add up to six heading levels.
Block quotes

> Block quotes have to start and end with a blank line

> And each line of the quote starts with a right angle bracket and a space

Inline code Here is some `inline code.`
Code blocks ```

This is a code block.


Note: Creating a blank line and then indenting the next line or lines with four spaces creates a code block too.
Images ![Optional alternative text if image doesn't load](

Community tip! Evan shares a simple tip in our forums for embedding an image that's not hosted.

Links [Link display text](
Images that are also links [![alt text](imageurl)](linkurl)
Horizontal rule line


Note: You must type a line break before and after the hyphens.

Line break

Line 1


Line 2


Note: You must type two line breaks before each  .
Line 1

Line 2

Previewing Markdown in ticket comments

When you use Markdown in a ticket comment, you can preview your formatting before submitting the comment. You enter your comment with Markdown formatting, like in the example below.

Then, click Preview to view how your ticket comment will look when posted.

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  • 0

    Markdown is awesome! We have enabled this on our account, but it seems that links in comments lost the "target="_blank" attribute, which used to be the default for links on Zendesk.

    Our agents are quite used to just left-click on a link and gets a new tab, so I'm wondering if there's a way to turn this back on?

  • 0

    @Than: Woah, that's not right. Is this happening in the "Classic" agent interface?

    @Jim: We should probably make this clearer in this article, but take a look at and make sure you've got Markdown enabled.

  • 0

    @Jake - Yep, Zendesk Classic (

  • 0

    @Justin. No worries. We found one that isn't listed here. An underlined word makes it a heading:





    would be an h2.


    Which I see now is listed here:


  • 0

    Hello guys, 

    Is there any chance to use markdown for customers (non agents)?

  • 0

    I'd be curious to understand the reasoning for choosing markdown vs. normal rich text formatting, such as forums posts.

  • 0

    In classic, links still aren't opening in new windows. Recent example: (comment on Feb 1).

  • 0

    @Jake - any update on html target attributes in Classic? We're experiencing the same thing Than described - comments from end-users retained the target="_blank" attribute in hyperlinks, but agent replies do not.

  • 0

    @Jake - Any update on hyperlinks opening in same tab instead of a new one?

  • 0

    I would dearly like to get a resolution to the lack of  target=blank in links posted from Zendesk when markdown is turned on. It's a real disruption to workflow when I click on a link in a ticket that was added from within Zendesk when markdown is enabled and it navigates me away from that ticket. It seems like the target=blank should be added into responses to customers anyway.

  • 0

    Is there any word on whether or not the "email user" action inside of triggers/automations can/will be able use markdown?

  • 0

    When I want to add table (according to

    It does not seem to work. Can you have a look at it?

  • 0

    @Stanislav: Markdown doesn't actually support tables. Are you referring to the "inline HTML" section of Daring's documentation?

  • 0

    Hi Jake,

    I noticed that the triple hyphen "---" creates a nice solid grey line to separate content in communications. However, the triple hyphen immediately after a line of text (not separated by a line break) boldfaces the preceding text and the grey line disappears.

    Also, when the triple hyphen has a preceding line break there are about four line breaks between the grey line and the preceding text in the rendered communication, but the spacing does not appear in the preview.

    example of rendered communication:

    my preceding text

    line break

    line break

    line break

    line break

    line break


    line break

    I enjoy using the grey line quite a bit, however I recognize these inconsistencies in the application of the triple hyphen.


  • 0


    yes, I'm referring to the: "For example, to add an HTML table to a Markdown article: ... "

    That's a bit sad since we were adding content in quick tables when we were using e-mail clients...

    Any suggestions?

  • 0

    I'm able to get Markdown to work on Preview, but it doesn't show up when the ticket is submitted, either in Zendesk or in the end user's email. Help? 

  • 0

    @Paula, just wanted to check if you figured out what happened or if Markdown is still not showing up?

  • 0
    1. The example from the original post above shows how Markdown is clever when it comes to numbering lists: if you number a list "1., 1., 1." Markdown will convert it into "1., 2., 3."

    But this is not always so clever, if, for instance you have a non-numbered paragraph in between your lists.

    1. When I now want to add a second item in Zendesk using Markdown, this paragraph will be numbered "1." which makes it look like I can't count! (As I just found out in a ticket update to a customer when I wasn't even trying to use Markdown.)

    Could there be a modification to the Markdown implementation so that the first number in a list following a non-numbered paragraph starts from the number I decided rather than always starting from "1."?

  • 0

    The other problem with numbered lists are cases where we are responding to specific items from the end users description. For example they might say:


    “I need 3 things from you:


    1. First item

    2. Second thing

    3. Final stuff


    Say the agent completes the second thing right way and responds:


    “We have completed item 2. As for everything else:


    1. We will look into this

    2.  Can you provide more information?


    Markdown will change the "3." Above to "2.", making the agent look rather silly.


    We currently work around this by using 1) in these cases, but every once in a while we slip up.




  • 0

    Hi there, 

    How can I add a ticket comment like Sync_History__c? because of the underscore markdown, the actual text sent will look like Sync_History__c, how can I solve this problem? Thanks. 

  • 0

    @Rossi - Great question! - if you simply put four spaces before your command, it will show up in a block as non-functioning code.

    This shows what it will look like.

  • 0

    @Rossi: To supplement the suggestion by Jonathan, if you want to preserve the formatting you can also do this: Sync\_History__c  the backslash will tell Markdown to not convert that word to italic.

    You can actually do this for any Markdown syntax, simple add a \  before the syntax and Markdown will ignore it. Note that bold will need double escaping: \*\*not bold!**

  • 0

    Is there code I can use to create tabs? I will have recurring instances where I'm replying to customer with a table of information similar to the following:

                   HIHI          345789          1000.400          0.9990

                   HIHI          458749          1001.500          0.9990

                   HIHI          489202          1005.600          0.9990

                   HIHI          432430          1000.800          0.9990

                                                             4,008.230 (need underline of last number above as this is the total of the four)

    Ideally, I do not want spacing between the lines as shown above so how would I change that?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  • 0

    This is a useful feature. However, it is not as useful as one of these would be:

  • 0


    How do I create multi-line numbering with markdown?

    What I want to create:

    1. A
    2. B

    2.1. BB

    2.2. BBB

    1. C

    3.1. CC

    3.2. CCC

    1. D


    What produced:





    2.1. BB

    2.2. BBB

    1. C

    3.1. CC

    3.2. CCC

    1. D



  • 0

    @Caren and Johannes: Unfortunately, neither of the capabilities you are looking for is possible with our implementation of markdown.

  • 0

    I use zendesk to edit and correct statements made by defendants in court cases. Is strikethrough text available in Markdown? 

  • 0

    Hi Tim, 

    I don't see this as part of Markdown's features, sorry. This is the story behind Markdown if you're interested: I can see the use for it though, hopefully it will be something they (and subsequently we) can add in the future. 

  • 0

    Table support in Markdown would be very helpful for us, as we are often in the situation to have to present data to our clients.


    There should be an easy way to accomplish this:





  • 0

    Hey Christian,

    Thanks for the info. As of now, we're only able to utilize the features listed in the Markdown syntax. We are continuously making improvements throughout the entire product, and our team is looking at making improvements in this particular area. 

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