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The Agent Notification app enables Zendesk administrators to broadcast messages to some or all of your Zendesk agents.

Quickly let your team know about an outage, invite the team out to lunch, or have a little fun and share images with the team to give them a little mid-afternoon perk. Use the Agent Notification app to keep the company apprised of critical information, real-time.

To install the app, visit the Zendesk Apps Marketplace ( Admin > Apps > Marketplace ) and search for Notification App.

Using the app takes just four simple steps once installed:

  1. Open the Agent Notification app by clicking on the bullhorn icon in the top bar.
  2. Write the message you want to broadcast.
  3. Select the group you want to send a message to (leaving this value blank will send to all logged in agents).
  4. Click Broadcast!

The app will pop open and display messages to all signed-in agents in real time. Message history is stored in the app until they log out of Zendesk.  Only Zendesk administrators can broadcast messages.

Messages in the Agent Notification app support a subset of Markdown. For more information about Markdown, see . URLs are also automatically detected and turned into links or images (but you can still use Markdown if you’d like). Markdown is supported for the following:

  • links
  • images
  • bold
  • italic
  • level 3 headings

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    A couple of questions...

    1. The app page ( says it's Version 1.0. Our installation shows Version 0.2.3. Different apps?

    2. In "Change Settings", there's "Enable role restrictions?" option, that also says "Select which roles should have access to this App". This can't mean sending because only admins can send broadcasts, right? So this means receiving? So these should really read,

    "Receiving restrictions"
    "Select which roles can receive broadcasts"

    ... and perhaps say somewhere right there, "only admins can send broadcasts", to avoid unnecessary FUD and googling?

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    Hey Alex,

    Thanks for bringing your concerns to our attention!

    1. I believe that this is an issue with the apps page and not with your account as my own testing has produced the same version that you're seeing. I'll be checking in with our documentation team to see if we can get that amended on our online apps page.

    2. I did some testing and it looks like you're correct that only Admins can send out notifications, however the Role Restrictions limit both who can send and who can receive these notifications. If you, for example, select only agents and no admins to be able to use that app, they all can receive, but not send notifications. In this case I think the wording is correct, however the viability of using role restrictions for this app in general may be the functionality to question.

    I hope that helps!

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    Thank you Justin.

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    Not sure if this is a known scenario.

    I have noticed if I refresh (either F5 or Ctrl+F5) ZD, the notification message disappears. Is this treated as logging out and logging back in?

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    Hi Kelvin,

    Refreshing or signing out and back in should have the same behaviour since both would reload the app. Refreshing the page also reload the apps. Since the information input into the app is temporary it will be lost on reload.

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    Just some feedback - our agents can find this pops up at an inconvenient moment. The suggestion has been made that instead of opening immediately that a red circle type indicator pops up to show there is an unread message (1, 2, 3 etc)
    This would mean there is a good visual stimulus to look, but doesn't intrude in an activity.

    Your thoughts?

    Edited by Andrew J
  • 0

    Hi Andrew

    We don't plan on adding that feature to the App but you're welcome to give it a try and submit a PR on it, I think it could be interesting though a fair few of our customers probably would want to keep it the way it is so I'd make that a setting.



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    Thanks Maxime - you definitely over estimate my ability :)

  • 3

    Is there a way that the full notification history could be viewed by an Agent ... rather than it disappearing when they logout? 

    This would be very handy.




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    How to make fire /api/v2/apps/notify.json ? with Zendesk Agent Notification App

  • 0

    Hello Sandro, Could you please clarify what you are trying to do with this API call?

  • 0

    @Klara Audren, look a example Zendesk Demo Source: .. how to make send message with "Zendesk Agent Notification App"?

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    Will all agents receive this message, or only once that are currently logged in?

    We have agents across different time zones, so they might not be logged in at the time I am sending out these messages.


    I would prefer a solution that sends out an e-mail to all my agents.  Does anyone know of an option like this?



  • 2

    Is there any chance you'll be working on a similar version which supports off-line agents + history?

    I'd like to inform all my agents of important changes, or updates and are currently using Slack (real-time) and email.  It would be useful for an agent to see the notification when logging into Zendesk, and to have a history of all announcements made by admin.

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