Explore recipe: Reporting on macros using tags

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  • Mirjam Happel

    This does not seem to work in our case. When I choose Ticket Tags and I want to filter on it is only shows me a list of unique combinations of tags that are on tickets and never a single ticket tag. It also looks like it is not showing everything. I can see that the combinations are sorted alphabetically, but it never reaches the tags that start with anything other then a number or a. Why is this? Is this a bug? And better yet, can this be solved? If I can't filter on a single tag, Explore is going to be useless for me and Booking.com in general.

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Mirjam, I'm sorry you've been having problems. I wonder, do you have a very large number of different tags on your tickets? I wonder if that could be causing this. I will open a ticket for you so someone can help you investigate.

    In the meantime, one way to get around this if you are searching for tickets with a specific tag might be to use a standard calculated metric. In the metric, use this formula:

    IF ([Ticket tags]="your_tag_name") THEN [Ticket ID] ENDIF

    replace your_tag_name with the tag you want to search for.

    I hope this helps.

  • Natalie Engel

    I am having the same issue as Mirjam. I was wondering if there were additional instructions on how to utilize the standard calculated metric provided or if there was any update on this issue?

  • Greg

    Hi Natalie! The first step that we're recommending that you take here would be to make sure that you're using the most up-to-date dataset. Can you start by creating a new dataset following the instructions in this article and then let us know if the issue persists?

  • Sandra M

    Hello.  Is there anyway to include the Macro Name in explore reporting, as well as the tag?  

  • Jemuel Pilapil

    Hi Sandra, it's currently not possible to include macro names in Explore but it's possible to report on tags. Do you have a particular use case or something that you want to achieve?

  • Ryan Worsfold

    Hi Sandra,

    While as Jemuel mentioned the macro name itself isn't pulled into Explore, if your objective is simply to make your reporting more human readable you could create a 'renamed set' based on the 'ticket tags' attribute.

    I've used this technique in the screenshot below to replace the 'agent_ooo' tag with the text 'Out of Office'.

    If that is something you might be interested in you can find more information here.

  • Mari-Liis

    Hi there, 

    Seeing the instructions below: there are 2 datasets available for support, one is "support: tickets" and the other one "support: tickets, users, organizations". 


    Will I get accurate results if I use Support: tickets dataset, it would be easier to use because in this datasets I can pick individual tag. I have the same issue as others here that in support: tickets, users, organizations I have a combination of tags available only. 



  • Kyle Jones

    Hey there Mari-Liis,

    This is a very good question! The good news is that the Support: Tickets dataset is the latest schema and it should be the most recent/updated dataset. It's recommend to use Support: Tickets over Support: tickets, users, organizations. This article might be helpful too: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022191014#h_6a7161c2-dae3-4b44-91b8-6ef111b79639 


    I hope this helps!


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