Allowing agents to edit and delete posts in the community

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  • Tim M

    Question here, 

    Under the topic, editing only shows 2 options. Admins and Agents and Admins. Is there any plan to have the ability to add Moderators, or those that fall under user segments to be able to manage the posts?

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Tim!
    I don't see any posts about it. However, what I would love to do with your partnership is attack this from both fronts; on my side, I'll flag a couple of articles for revisions as there are places we can call this out that could expressly mention it so others don't experience the frustrations you've experienced, and on your end if you could submit product feedback as outlined here to communicate use case, headaches caused, etc. so our product team can take it into future roadmap + release consideration I would be greatly appreciative.

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